👆🏻Gruvia, There's Always Hope!!!👆🏻


Art by Hiro Mashima Gifs by chsabina

So I'm sure most of you know by now that Juvia sacrifices herselffor Gray. Yes, we are all having heart attacks, but if we stop and thinkfor a moment, this is Mashima we're talking about here!!!

He is the troll King.

I don't have any credible evidenceto back up this claim,but it'smy up most belief that he will bring Juvia back somehow.Probably later than sooner,but I have faith that she will returnand I'm hoping that this isn't just wishful thinking...It just doesn't make sense thatJuvia and Gray won't get ahappy ending. The anime iscalled Fairy Tail for christ sakes!(This could also be justme being in denial...)But seriously, this is FAIRY TAIL!They always find a way!Remember whatNatsusaid in Chapter 494...!

In light of this situation, here is a probable Gruvia Future Fanart!!!Be patient my fellow otakus, our babies will prevail!!!

There's Always Hope!!!

Art by BonneyQ

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