[MV] Mikey(마이키) _ Loving you (R&B ver.) (러빙유)

LOEN MUSIC 'The hit maker 'Double kick', who flamed the last summer with SISTAR's 'Loving You' made a new version of 'Loving You' into a R&B version, sang by Mikey himself. This music video is a made in to a whole new version of 'Loving You' and it definitely has different feelings from the original version. Mikey's sweet voice and the stylish music video works well to get the viewer's attention. Also, Girl's Generation Yuri's cousin 'Cha Hyun jung' joined in the music video as well, and with her beauty, we hope to see her more on screen. '

안녕하세요~~ ^.^ Interested in Korean Culture~ ^.^ TripleS / VIP / BlackJack 만나서반갑습니다~~ ^_^ Just gotta Love MOROCCO & KOREA~~
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