Kyungsoo X Reader ~You're Weird like Me~

~You're weird like me~ Genre: Highschool/au, Romance, Drama, Some bullying. --------------------------------------------- ~~5 years ago~~ "Hah! Its the loser!" "That freak?" "Ughh why is she still here" "Im surprised she can reach the books with her fat chubby hands!!" Y/N crouches down retrieving her books and papers as people began to gather around her watching her at her miserable state. Tears fell endlessly down her puffy cheeks and her glasses fogged up. She wanted to cry out in pain and agony, but she knew better. She knew that giving up, would be there win and her loss. Y/N tried reaching for the furthest book but slender fingers pick them up for her. She looks up a smile twitch on the corners of her lips her dear friend, Kyungsoo , held out his hand, helping her up. He rearranged his glasses that always seemed to slide down his nose as he handed her the book a beautiful smile on his gorgeous lips. "Ignore what they say Y/N" he says gently a they walk out of there the crowd adding more flying comments. "Awe she has a boyfriend!" "I bet even he is tired of her" -Time Skip- "Your what?!" Y/N screeched food flying from her mouth as Kyungsoo held back laughter. "Yea.....its not my choice. If it were up to me I'd stay here forever...with you" he says staring into the sky, as the wind picked up rustling the tree leaves. Y/N fully shallows her food before opening her mouth. "But Soo, you promised that we'd graduate middle school together! And attend High School together!" Y/N argues. Truth be told she knew nothing she said or did would change the fact Kyungsoo would be moving. It wasn't up to him, he was only in grade 7! "I know, i know....but it's not up to me.." Kyungsoo says softly, he shifts over to stare at Y/N's eyes. "No matter where i go, how far i am. You'll be in my mind" he says as Y/N begins to hold back a sob. "Best friends forever, right Soo?" Y/N says shakily. He smiles a warm smile looking down at the little keychain they'd bought showcasing there friendship. It was half a heart that when put together read 'best friends' he looks back up his eyes full of hope. "Best Friends Forever" he says as they link pinkies. ~~Present day-ish (5 years later)~~ After Kyungsoo left the bullying got worse for Y/N. It was as if because Kyungsoo was by her side they always kept it to a minimum but now that he has left they went all out in her. Its gotten so bad she had to change to the neighbouring school a few blocks down her house. Y/N never forgot Kyungsoo, se always prayed he would come and rescue her from the pits of hell but he never came. But as the years grew past the bullying subsided. Y/N was finally able to focus on the real things, like her future. Miracles came and left as her vision became better, thus loosing her glasses and her acne vanished. She wanted to straighten out her life and got into better habits. By grade 11 she was a fresh new person, positive about life and her future. She was content with her life, she loved everything about it but secretly missed Kyungsoo. Then that fateful day cane. The day she had to leave everything behind to start new. "What do you mean we're moving?" Y/N asks completely shocked as to what she was being told. Ever since her mother remarried, new things were entering her life. New house, new jobs, new cars, and a baby on board. All she was fine with, but moving?! "Please honey its for the better good. Your dad got a great offer and it will fit with our schedule! There is preschool to High school which will work well for peanut and yourself!" She says stating the good and ignoring the bad. "Mom, this is my last year! Grade 12! I cant simply drop everything and move!" She tried arguing. But deep down she knew the decision was made and set. She lets out a sigh seeing the sadness in her mothers eyes before she walks up the stairs to her room. "I'll start packing" >>FF a week. "Y/N!!! Get up! You'll be late for your first day" Y/N groans as she forcefully gets off her comfy bed. It only seemed like yesterday she was enjoying the last days of summer, until she had to move to this quiet rich ass neighbourhood. The only good thing she was able to point out was the fact her new school didn't have a uniform policy so she can wear what ever she wanted!! Y/N quickly gets freshen up and goes straight to her drawer. She settles on shorts and a cute top. She grabbed her bag ad rushes downstairs grabbing a waffle her mom had made. "Im outta here" she says rushing out ignoring her mothers cries. Looking at her phones map she follows it to the school. She didn't look up as she neared the school. But she did bump into a rather hard thing. Squeaking in pain she looks up as the boy turns around with a goofy grin. He was so much more taller then her, his red locks pointing out in different directions. It was as if he had just woken up. "Oh! Im sorry" she says hurriedly. His eyes seem to widen before he lets out booming laughter. For someone with a cute face he sure had a deep voice. "Im fine, are you ok? Considering your the size of a dwarf.......wait......Are you the new student?" He ask as Y/N, manages to walk side by side with him nearing the entrance. Y/N ignored the dwarf comment and nods. "Ahhh i knew it! I know i fresh face when i see one" he says proudly as they enter the school grounds. "Anyway, do you know your way around? Or do you want me to help you?" He kindly offers. Y/N's heart melts. She is about to say yes when someone calls him. They both turn to see a group of five guys waving at the giant. He simply waves back before turning back to Y/N. Realizing he had people waiting for him Y/N kindly refuses the offer insisting she knew the place due to her map, that didn't exist. "Well then it was nice meeting you. Im Chanyeol by the way. Park Chanyeol" he says sticking out his large hand. Y/N accepts introducing herself with a kind smile. "I hope to see you around Y/N" he says before rushing off to the five friends standing near the basketball court. Y/N smiled to her self glad she made a friend but stopped in her tracks. She caught sight of beautiful black hair that shone under the sunlight. Images of Kyungsoo popped into her head but she shrugged them off. Last time she checked Kyungsoo didn't have broad shoulders and muscles. -After being lost a couple of times- Y/N looks up at the room number mentally cheering herself for finally being able to fine her first period class! Luckily she was only 5 mins late. She prayed her teacher wouldn't embarrass her in front of the class on her first day. She knocks softly and hears a quiet 'come in'. Taking a deep breath she opens the door and confidently walks in all eyes on her. She walks to the teachers desk . The teacher offers her a smile her glasses hanging loosely on the bridge of her nose. "I hope you'll be on time next time. Im letting it slide because your new" she says with a wink making Y/N realize what a cool teacher she was. She looks up at the class letting out an annoyed sigh. "Unfortunately we don't have any free seats but since Chanyeol is skipping again, you can take his desk for today" the name Chanyeol rings in her head. Y/N realizes it was the big friendly giant she met this morning. "Its at the far back near the window" the teacher instructs. Y/N nods and bows a perfect 90 degrees before making her way down the aisles. All eyes were still on her. Ignoring them she makes a straight beeline for desk. Plopping down and setting her bag aside. "Psst!" Y/N flinches looking up to beautiful brown eyes. His tan skinned was odd, but looked beautiful. "Your the girl Chanyeol was talking to this morning right? Im Kai! His friend" he introduces himself as Y/N smiles ecstatic she is getting along well. "Oh and this is my girlfriend" he says poking a girl sitting in front of him with earphones in her ears. Annoyed with all the poking she turns to Kai glaring hardcore before plucking her earphones out. "This is the new student!" Kai says as her face changes from annoyed to pure joy. "Omg! Your gorgeous just like Chanyeol described!!! Im Krystal! Where are you fr-" the teacher hisses making Krystal slump back into her seat. Y/N and Kai hold back giggles. Y/N was so happy on being friends with a girl too! Krystal looks at Y/N again. "Lets have lunch together" she whispers going back to paying attention. The class flies by as Kai runs out leaving Krystal with Y/N. Of Course she didn't mind. Krystal was a bubbly person and very cheerful. Krystal made Y/N feel accepted an welcomed. As their walking down the hallway, the girls start squealing like crazy all of a sudden. Y/N looks around clearly confused as to what was going on. Krystal leans into Y/N. "Have you watched boys over flowers? Ya know the Korean drama? Well this may sound cliché but this school has that expect with twice as many boys and all of them gorgeous....Kai included" she adds proudly. Y/N's eyes widen remembering the huge crush she had on a flower boy at her old school who ultimately became her bully. She watches as the crowd part letting a pathway for the.... Nine boys to walk pass. Y/N noticed how Chanyeol and Kai was among them. She smiles to her self at how happy they looked. Feeling eyes on her , she looks around, her eyes drift to a shorter male. Everything around her seems to have stopped as she made eye contact with the most beautiful man on earth. Her face flushed and her palms became sweaty. His big eyes bore into her sole his expressionless face not changing. She caught his eyes widen a bit but not a big change in expression. Her eyes trail down to his lips that were shaped like a heart. How cute! He reminded her of Kyungsoo..... Kyungsoo?!? Y/N eyes widen the size of saucers. She wasn't just staring at a gorgeous man. But at her childhood friend! ____________________________________ There is going to be a part two to this because if i added the rest on this is would be too big!

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