Day 2 pt(2/2)

I open the door to see a blue hoodie khaki pants and blonde hair bundled in a corner "hello yoonki I'm your new nurse" all of a sudden his head shot up and he turned around "y/n is that you is it really you" I nodded and he ran to me and hugged me I missed his so much he is like a older brother I never had and I love him for it "Hey I missed you so much " then I realized where he was so I slapped his shoulder "why are you here in this place" "I don't know " I look at him then drop it we ching the topic and talked my whole shift "Hey when your called on the loud speaker tomorrow do be afraid or anything ok " "Ne" and I bid my goodbyes to him and clocked out and went home and did my night routine with a big smile knowing my big cousin is still the same to me and I still have him as family

Sorry this sucked donkey buttcheeks

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I love kpop I love to draw and sing and my favorite song right now is drift away from seventeen when they were doing seventeen project
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