The Arrangement: Mystery Beauty


(Jun.K POV)

Annyeong, I'm Xin Qian-ssi.Minjun-ssiOh as in Jun.K, from 2pm, correct?N-ne... I'm sorry but I'm confused by you. Plus you greeted me with a Chinese name, but you look like you're American.Jiejie!Oh there you are my xiao xiongdi (little brother)!JYP hyung, told me you were in town. You have no idea how happy I am about you being hereOh HyungIs this the first time you two are meetingHonestly this is the first time ever, he let me come into the company building. So this is my first time meeting a lot of people here.Daenyeo(Goddaughter)? You ready for that lunch with my wife


Ne Daebu(GodFather), I can't wait to meet her. Feel guilty I couldn't attend you're wedding. So I bought you both a wedding gift. Its gonna meet us there.Then let's get goingSee you both later I hopeJackson-ah, who on earth was that anywayYeah the woman that just leftShe's JYP's goddaughter, from the states. Though she has a twin brother, but his godfather is Yang Hyun-sukI never knew, hyung-min had a goddaughter? Let alone on from the statesShe even knew three languages fluently. Now that's a woman I would love to get to know

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