PRAYER FOR THOSE IN ERROR  7 JUL , 2015   [That all may be one in Christ] Most loving Jesus Christ, who hast redeemed the world by the shedding of Thy Most Precious Blood, turn Thine eyes inmercy upon our poor humanity, which still lies, for the most part, sunk in the darkness of error and in the shadow of death and grant that the light of Thy truth may shine gloriously upon all mankind. Multiply, O Lord, the apostles of Thy gospel, give them new fervor, and bless with Thy grace their zeal and their labors and make them fruitful; that by means of them all unbelievers may know Thee and be converted to Thee, their Creator and Redeemer. Call back to Thy fold all who have gone astray, and restore to the bosom of Thy one, true Churchall who are in rebellion against her. Hasten dear Saviour, the happy day when Thy kingdom shall truly come upon earth; draw all men to Thy loving Heart, so that all may be partakers of the unspeakable blessings of Thy redemption in the everlasting bliss of heaven. Amen

😁 I love music I love sports I like knowing what's going on in this world of mine but most of all I love Jesus
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