Nakama Picnic~

That's right.... I didn't forget >:D (almost did) Now for some evenings I'm sure there weren't people assigned to them at all, while for others either couldn't think of a topic, didn't have the time, or simply forgot. (Unless those cards were made, and in that case I was not sorry in advance (´∀`) )

Onto the question for this evening: Were you ever inspired by any anime, manga, or fan-fiction to create your own story of some sort ? [[Whether it be a light novel or a short story....etc. ]]

Thank you for viewing this card~! Discuss in the comment section below your answer, if you have one that is. Furthermore a big shout out to@hikaymm, who was inspired by@Boinx, for coming up with this idea for the month of August in order for us to grow closer to one another in the Vingle community~ Nakama peeps: (if you are not tagged, then let me know if you would like to be tagged in future cards I make~)@CandyApple22@arnelli@biancadanica98@SunnyMing94@Kell13@OtakuDemon01@Mikuzaki1@SimplyAwkward@AutumnWind@HiwaRasul@MimiBumble01@DestinyAgnew

Anime, video games, manga, art....I love them all. Hopefully one day, I can be an expert at graphic designing and illustration. Mostly illustration.
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