Kookie Monster part 51

I hope everyone is ready for this! and it's about to get really steamy in here! warning now! this is a mature chapter so if you don't want to read turn back now.

Once jenni had her Boba tea she was happy-go-lucky. Sarah had gotten her a watermelon one and she had gotten a green apple for herself. Halfway through a conversation about what happened in the panic room Namjoon started to drag her away from the guys making her conversation end with Jimin.  "Where are we going?" Jenni finally asked as she grabbed namjoons hand to make him stop and look at her. The look he gave her was dangerous, like a sleeping tiger just woke up and was after his prey. "Back to your place " he said. "Oh, okay " she said with a shrug "did you have a good time tonight?" She asked him. "It was very entertaining " he told her. "What did you like better? getting stuck in the panic room or the trampoline? " She asked "Panic room" he shot her a grin. His hand on her squeezed a little. "I liked seeing you in there" he said making her scrunched her face. "In the cellar?  Oh gosh that first room freaked me out" she shivered. "Yea but you were handcuffed to the wall " he gave her a smoldering look "if there weren't cameras-" "What you would have allowed me to trail my hand lower and show you how much I appreciated you letting me free" she gave him a similar look. He stopped and stared at her, imagining that scenerio. "We still have another couple blocks before my apartment building" jenni reminded him. He glowered at the reminder but stilled kissed her putting in enough tongue to make her follow his retreating mouth for more. Oh gosh he was addictive. "Tell me what you enjoyed tonight " he said changing back to the question to get his mind off of her for a moment.  "Hmm, I liked jumping on the trampoline, not so much the bubble pit but just the regular one. I found it so funny when I was telling sarah how this dress concealed my Boobs from bouncing, the guy working actually looked startled and at me" jenni laughed, "I know, it was a total lie I saw the video sarah took of me. I do still bounce" jenni laughed. "Thats not helping" namjoon growled making her laugh. "Hmm no? Is it making you think of my breasts?" She asked. "Jennifer" he growled her namjoon. "Okay okay I'll  stop" she said. "Did you notice after the first time I got stuck in that pit that the worker guy kept ending up watching the same area I was in. it's like he knew I had issues and wanted something entertaining to watch for the last stretch of his shift" jenni pointed out.n "as long as that was the only reason he followed you around" namjoon mumbled. "sour puss. you know I was too crazy tonight to be attractive to anyone" jenni laughed "your always attractive to me" he told her pulling her closer to his side. They walked the last block in silence, holding hands. When they made it to the elevator namjoon took one look to make sure no one was around and kissed her as they waited for the elevator to come down. He had her leaning against the wall, arms on either side of her waist holding her against him. Jenni lost herself to the kiss and the passion and lust that erupted inside of her. The door to the elevator opened with a Ding making them both fall inside not realizing that was where he had pressed her into the wall. There was no laughing. A quick look to make sure no one was in there jenni pressed the button to her floor and then he was back to kissing, his fingers trailing up her leg as she lifted it up for his waiting hand to hold onto, it made him move that much closer to her. The elevator dinged and the doors open. A gasp was heard making jenni stop and look over namjoons shoulder. A little old lady was standing there looking at them "Kids these days, anywhere is a bedroom to you, get out and do that in the privacy of your own home" the woman scolded them. Jenni wanted to giggle, it was in her throat and wanted to be released but she refrained. Namjoon let her slide down his body and then pulled her from the elevator and towards her place. Jenni finally let put a giggle. Once Namjoon had gotten jenni back to her apartment he followed her in holding her against him. "God I can't get enough of you" namjoon said as he trailed his lips down her neck. It sent shivers down her spine but she could still laugh. "What? Seeing me bounce on the trampoline ?" She said even as she ran her hand through his hair pressing him closer. " seeing you in those handcuffs"  he mumbled against her throat, "that was the hottest thing" "Oh kinky" jenni said pulling his face up so she could kiss him. "Wrap your legs around me" he said breathlessly. She did so. They made it past the front foyer before he was pulling at her shirt and taking it off showing off her red bra. He got an eye full and mumbled he would look more later before she was pulling his shirt off. "Lock the door, bolt too so sarah can't get in" jenni said remembering she didn't want someone interupting them, "Kooki keeping her occupied for the night" namjoon said not bothering to go back for it. "Good" jenni said as she went back to kissing.  They moved through the apartment and got to the couch. Slipping out of her leggings Namjoon took the rest of his clothes off leaving his underwear on. Jenni couldnt help but bite her lip as she stared at the glorious sight in front of her. "Like what you see?" He grinned touching his bottom lip. "Hmm" she sounded happy "you?" She asked. He licked his lips. "Oh yea" he said before he swooped her up and pinned her between the couch and his firm body. He trailed down her body taking her bra off in the process and paying close attention to her breasts, tweaking and squeazng them. It brought moans out of her. Music to his ears. He moved his hand down her body to press against her wet flesh initiating another deep moan and her hands clamping down on his shoulders. "Joonie" she said his name. It was like she encouraged him because he delved his finger inside of her pumping in and out, first so slow then he sped the tempo up. Pressing her face into his bare shoulder so her mouth was covered when she screamed as she came, her hands clawed up his back making him groan out. The sensation of her pressed against him and knowing she was in a frenzy because of him was making him beam with pride when she finally looked at him, into his eyes. She could see the desire in them, how much he cared for her. She smiled shyly at him and pressed her lips to his. "I need you Namjoon " she said when she pulled away. They moved so she was on top of him, straddling his waist. "Hmm" she made a noise in her throat "My turn" she said before she leaned down and kissed him. His kisses were addictive and she didn't want to go a minute without his lips on her, but pressing her lips against his chest was on her mind right now so with one last tease on his lips she grinned before moving down his body. "Panda" he said making her giggle against his skin. "I can't believe you just called me panda like this" jenni teased looking up from where she was. "It slips out" he said. "Hmm, okay. I think I want you begging with my name" she said. "Babe " he said making her chuckle again.  At the endearment she glared before pulling his boxers down and revealing his stiff member. It was bigger then what she had felt pressed against her before. Her clit contracted and her hips involuntary moved of their own as she thought about that going inside of her. "You want me inside of you?" He questioned, she nodded instinctively. Her hand coiled around the base of him and moved up and down. She licked the tip tentatively initiating a groan from him and his hips jerking up for more. She kept touching and licking until he came against her tongue. "Joonie baby I need you " she said as she fingered her wet flesh. He said her name as he flipped her over so she was underneath him, he touched her flesh and  spread her open, he was about to enter when she sat up jerking him away. "What!" He was alarmed. "Condom! Oh Joonie condom" she remembered at the very last minute. A look of panic fluttered over his features before he chuckled relieved. "I thought you were going to tell me no" He said  reached down picking something up off the ground, his pants. He pulled out a package and ripped it open. "That was close" he said. He pulled it out and put it on. "Ready for me?" He asked even as she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him down, he entered her making her gasp out at the feel of him filling her up. In a frenzy they both worked up a sweat as they brought each other over the edge. Namjoon finally called out her name as he came in her and she scratched at his back as she came with him. Spent and exhausted they laid on the couch snuggled together. Namjoon had his arms wrapped around her holding her close. "Was it worth the wait?" Jenni asked trailing her finger over his arm. "Hmm, what do you think? " Namjoon mumbled close to her ear. "I think it was" jenni said "I got the marks to show how much you enjoyed it " he chuckled making her giggle. "Yes you do. Oh gosh do they hurt?" She turned to look at him. " a little but it's a sweet ache right now" he told her. "Hmm I didn't mean too " she added making him chuckle again. "Its a badge I'll proudly wear for you my panda" namjoon said "Well in that case " she grinned as she grazed her fingernails against his arm. "Only in the throws of passion" he said shaking her hand off his arm. It made her giggle. "Oh alright" she sighed "Here" he moved the blanket that was on the back of the couch over them, they were on half the blanket and the other half folded over onto them "Do you know I'm actually glad we leave this blanket covering the couch" jenni giggled "So we're not cold in the night?" He questioned "That too  but it totally kept my back off the leather of this couch that would have hurt" she laughed "also if anyone ever knew what we just did they probably wouldn't  sit here ever again" she added. "That just means it's all ours" namjoon grinned making her laugh. "Oh I'm tired now but I don't want to get up" jenni said looking at the distance between the couch and her room. "Then don't,  just fall asleep here " he said "Hmm smart idea" jenni agreed. "Early in the morning we'll move" jenni added.

At some point in the night there was the noise of a door opening  Namjoon and jenni were lying on the couch. They had never even made it to her room when they had gotten back. Jenni was stirring awake at the noise. A hand covered her mouth and namjoons husky voice was whispering in her ear to be quiet and still. They were pressed together on the couch with a blanket over the both of them. "I don't think we should be here " a guy whispered in the dark. "Why? I live here?"she recognized sarah voice, it had to be sarah and Kooki.  Jenni couldnt help but smile against namjoons hand at the thought that they had finally done it and these two were to late to stop it.  Except she frowned when she realized, holy crap she was practically naked as was Namjoon on the couch, the blanket thank god covered them up. "I wonder if I should go in Jenni's room and interrupt them" sarah laughed in the dark. "Oh no you don't,  it'll scar you all over again" Kooki was staring her to her room. Oh thank god they didn't know they were out here , that would have been so much worse. When the door shut to sarah room Namjoon uncovered her mouth. "Should we go into my room?" Jenni asked "Unless you want to scare them in the morning" he said.  So they made a run for the room, Jenni taking the blanket as she went.once the door was closed Namjoon laughed. "At least they let us finish what we started " namjoon said having same thought process as Jenni had. "Get on the bed babe" he said slapping her ass. It made her move and turn to glare at him. "No?" He raised a brow. "Round 2?" He questioned. She turned her head to the side with a silly smile on her lips, a noise came out of her throat before she turned back. There was the sound of a door opening and closing and people leaving. Jenni grinned. "Kooki got her to leave " namjoon said taking notice of the sound as well. "Round 2!" Jenni said as she dropped the blanket. His eyes devoured her for a smoldering minute before he picked her up and dropped her on the bed covering her with his own body. "Condom its in the nightstand" she said making sure they didn't forget. He got it and  tore it open with his teeth. "Ready?" He asked making her nod.

The next morning Jenni and Namjoon woke up cuddled together in her bed. It gave her a warm fuzzy feeling. It wasn't like she was a virgin before or never had a guy spend the night, but this felt different then all those other times. It was like she wanted to wake up and spend the day awake with him verses just falling back asleep in his arms, granted she wanted that too. "Are you awake?" He mumbled against her neck. "Yea. You want to get out of bed?" She asked. "No I'm good with laying here" he said holding her to him just a little tighter now. "You want me to make breakfast?" She asked. "Babe, will you hurt yourself? " he mumbled making her laugh. "No. I know how to make food you know " jenni said she unfolded his hands from around her and crawled out of the space. She looked back to see he had his eyes slit open "Nope, sleep with panda" she said throwing her baby panda at him. Jenni put on clothes before leaving the room. In the kitchen she pulled out a bunch of supplies to make food. "Im thinking omelet rice, that sounds yummy" jenni said to herself. Halfway through making the rice there was knocking at her door. "Wonder if sarah being cautious little too late but still better then having her Just walk in" jenni mumbled to herself as she went to open the door. Instead of seeing sarah 5 guys stood in front of her. "What are you doing here?" Jenni questioned. "We already bugged Kooki and Sarah last night so now we bug you and Namjoon today" J hope said already walking in. "We followed. The other two looked like something was happening under the covers " Jimin said. "What! Why didn't you stop it?" She asked "Kooki saw me" Jin said following the other two in. "He was going to go all mama bird and walk in to explain the birds and the bees to them but I pulled him out" Yoongi  was next coming in. "They weren't going to do anything!  Sarah is smart enough to not do anything yet" Tae said. He was the last one to come in. "But I can't say the same for you " Tae added stopping to look back at Jenni. "Note the clothes on the floor" yoongi said lifting up a shirt. "Where did you do it?" He asked. "Panda! I can't believe you " Jin said. "I should be giving you the talk! You better have used a condom " Jin said. "Oh god no" jenni said covering her face with her hands. "You didn't? " Suga questioned "Does this mean we may get a baby bangtan?" Jimin questioned. "I want to dress it in a bts outfit" Tae said clapping his hands. "I would be the goofy uncle" J hope said coming over. "Somethings burning on the stove" he added. "My rice" jenni exclaimed. "I hate you all" she glared at them as they laughed. "So should we expect you to have a baby bump? " Jimin asked. "No! We were safe and used a condom!" jenni said going over to turn the stove off and mix the rice,  thankfully it wasn't really burned just had no water in it anymore. "So you did do it!" Jin shouted pointing his finger at her. "What is with the noise" namjoon opened the door to Jenni's room and stood there with the blanket wrapped around his waist. "Hand me my clothes Yoongi " namjoon said indicating with his hand were they were. "You sly dog " J  hope slid in to punch namjoon in the arm playfully. "Get out" namjoon said before closing the door to the room. "We're not going anywhere" Jimin called out. "Does this mean I'm going to have to make more food?"Jenni asked. "Breakfast!" Tae said happily "I'll help you make food for them" Jin said coming over to the kitchen. Jenni and Jin made food for them and served it out just as namjoon came out of the room. He went up behind Jenni and wrapped his arms around her waist.  "I called Kooki and told them to come over" he said as he pressed a kiss to her neck. "No, you two aren't allowed to do that in front of us"  Jimin whined. "Eat your food" jenni told him. Shortly after the boys finished eating sarah and Kooki came in and joined them. They took a seat and Jin put plates of omo rice in front of them "Me and Jenni made breakfast for everyone" Jin told sarah. "Yey food" Kooki said before digging Into the food. There was small talk and reminiscing about the fun they had the night before. Thankfully everyone was focused on the panic room and laughing about how namjoon broke the door and him and jenni couldn't get out without aid from the workers.

How'd people like it? lol these two finally got to do it! the funny thing is its been a little less than 2 months they had been going on (story time wise which kinda matches how long story has been going on, slowing down now tho ) Idk if that's considered early in a relationship or not but eek these two had it coming. plus I know I scarred sarah with this hehe. okay sarah take it back cleanse your mind of this and don't be scared of Kookie Monster!

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