Remember when Got7 sang Mr. Chu?

Got7 had done it as a special stage for Christmas and I personally thought it was very cute and funny. I don't know about you but I was laughing so hard!

I did like the song and all when I had found them but when I look back to it this year, it's like "I know more about them and I will be laughing more than singing along." (Sorry if my pictures that I will show you are blurry)

I went into shipping mode when I see YugBam.

If you listen close enough, you can hear JB screaming in embarrassment and cringing so hard because we all know he doesn't like doing aegyo a lot.

APink was watching all of it and they loved it!

Blurry shots even though I could've paused the video. -_-

The rest are acting cute and then there's Jackson...

At the ending....we see fabulous BamBam, krumping Jackson and Yugyeom copying Jackson. Junior is like, "You're supposed to do it like this!" or "I didn't raise you like this!"

Anywho we still love these amazing dorks for working very hard for us IGOT7s. I recommend you give them lots of love and support them all the way!

I J-Hope you liked this card! If you smiled, laughed, fangirled, or cried, tell me in the comments below! If you had a bad day, did this help? Do check out my collection! QOTD (or card): Do you miss the era times of Got7 ? (ex: The Girls Girls Girls era? Stop Stop it era?) Answer: I really do because if I had found out about Got7 sooner, I would've felt like a real fan even though Iam a realfan. I just wanted to see them progress through each year.I wanna get them real feel of taking the journey with them.

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