Spin the Bottle

WARNING: Fluff - because while all idols are sexy, some are just really sweet guys.

You should have known something was wrong when everyone was awoken by the loudspeaker on the bus and the bus was no longer moving. Being a new apprentice to the make-up artists, you weren’t sure what to expect in this situation. You simply followed everyone else; gathered your belongings and got off the bus.

The back of the bus is open, with smoke pouring out; you aren’t a mechanic but are pretty sure you know smokes means the bus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The luggage, kits, and costumes are all unloaded from under the bus and everyone is looking around wondering how long it would take for another bus to get there. You glance around for any signs of civilization, but see only lights off in the distance. You wrap your jacket around you tighter and sit down on your make-up case to wait.

In the twenty minutes you’ve been waiting, very few cars pass your huddled group and broken down bus. A bus heading in the opposite direction, gets to the crossroads and does a full intersection u-turn. As it pulls up behind yours, people begin gathering their items and sleepily heading to the new carriage. As you get closer you notice the driver and turn to the person next to you.

“Isn’t this the group’s bus?”

“Yeah. They turned around and came back for us. The manager couldn’t get a hold of another bus until morning. We’re just going up to the nearest town. Manager was able to get a large room with mats for all of us to rest, since there are barely enough seats for everyone. We’ll get back on separate buses in the morning.”

You haven’t spent much time around the group. Simply watched them from afar; unless, you were doing make-up for one of them for a non-essential function. You assist, but that doesn’t call for much more than running errands or asking other artists where something you need went. For the most part, you keep your head down and your ear buds in. Truth be told, you're really nervous around all of them. They are all so handsome and playful. It embarrasses you if any of them catch your eye when you are looking. While they are all super gorgeous, one in particular always goes out of his way to be extra nice to you. He smiles or waves if he passes you; once he even stopped and asked how you were. You must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights because you didn’t answer, just stared at him blankly. He took pity on you, smiled, and patted you on the head before moving on. You had been so mortified; you wish the floor had swallowed you up that day.

You’d managed to avoid him, until now. From the sounds of it, there wouldn’t be much room to avoid anyone once you stepped on the bus. You shouldn’t have waited to be the very last one on, but you couldn’t make yourself face the possibility of seeing him any sooner.

As your luck would have it, the only seat left on the bus was directly across the aisle from him. You quickly put your headphones in, put one foot in front of the other and head to the back to sit down. Before you can even take your seat, the bus driver backs up and then lurches it forward around the crippled bus. You reach out to grab anything you can, so as not to fall, but this isn’t a commuter bus. There were only seats, stairs and people. As you begin to fall forward, a body steps out in front and catches you. You look up in shock to see Dokhyun smiling down at you.

“Are you okay?” he asks as he rubs his hands up and down your arms.

You swallow, bow your head, quickly say thank you and take your seat. As he sits, you can see him continually glance over at you. You quickly shut your eyes, to avoid it.

Why? Why must you continually make a fool of yourself in front of him? You believe him to be the nicest of the members but still, even nice people recognize klutzes. He has to be wondering if there isn’t something mentally wrong with you to make you so slow and klutzy by now. Keeping your eyes closed, you throw your head back against the seat and wish for this night to just end.

He couldn’t have planned the seating better if he had planned it. He was considering himself very lucky as he watched her walk down the aisle toward him. Shy and self conscious as always; and he thought it was adorable. He liked the fact that she didn’t realize how pretty she was, didn’t try to flaunt her looks, or try to use her new position to ask for favors of him or the guys. He’d been watching her for the last several weeks. He liked it best when she smiled, her whole face and everything around her; it all lit up when she did.

When the bus lurched he knew what was going to happen before it even did. Yijeong had gotten up also but as he was closer, he happily beat him to it. He was going to have to remember to give the bus driver a tip of some kind. He’d been trying to figure out how to get to know her for a couple of weeks. When he'd stopped to try talk to her last week, she looked like she was about to pass out. He felt bad for embarrassing her and wanted to say so, but this is the first time he’s seen her since.

Mats are handed out as they arrive at the center; almost everyone found a spot and immediately passed out. You find a spot slightly away from the others; yet somehow close to where the group is sitting up chatting. With your eyes closed you can only hear their voices, you still aren't sure who's voice is whose yet.

“That bus hadn’t better be a warning for this tour, man can you imagine if that luck holds out?”

“Don't jinx us. Hey, any of you bring anything to drink that isn’t soda or water?”

“Yes! Thanks man. I assume though we’re all sharing? No one can say we’re getting drunk if it takes all five of us to finish one small bottle of Soju.”

Indistinct mummers are heard as you imagine them passing the bottle around.

“Well, that was quick, now what?”

“Truth or Dare Spin the Bottle.”

Your ears perk up a bit, they do realize others can hear them right? Perhaps they just don’t care.

“Count me out of it. I’ll ask you dweebs questions and make the dares but I know you freaks will ask me questions about [YN-ah] and I prefer to keep my manhood right where it is thanks.”

A chorus of laughter with some well aimed ribbing is heard. You know the only one that has a girlfriend is Kyungil, so it must have been him talking. She's supposed to be joining the tour later in the week. She has some new big job and can’t get away for the entire time.

As they start the game, their voices grow quieter; their laughter louder. You're almost asleep when one question catches your attention.

“Come on, Dokyun give, you chose truth. Who’s your crush? We know you have one. We must know her for you not to tell.”

“I want to switch to dare.”

“No way man, that’s cheating!”

Kyungil’s voice pipes up, “Fine, is your crush in this room?”

There’s silence for a minute and you can hear slaps and claps.

“I knew it! You don’t even have to say anything your face and silence does! Let him switch to dare, I have the perfect one for him.”

The voice sounds super hyper and you're guessing it's Yijeong.

“Why do you guys even care? But fine, what’s the dare?”

It gets all quiet again and you can only hear mumbling.

“Are you kidding me?!? Why don’t I just stand up and yell it out loud?”

“Because everyone’s sleeping idiot. If you’re really quiet and good at it, she’ll never know but we will.” This voice sounds way to smug and pleased with himself.

You feel sorry for Dokyun and jealous of the whoever is going to be on the receiving side of his dare. You roll over, put your back to everyone and try to get comfortable again. You can’t hear anything; he must have either decided to suffer the consequences of mission failure or he was walking really, really quiet.

You try to put it all out of your mind; thinking about it will only make you depressed. There's a quiet popping sound from behind you and freeze. A piece of your hair is gently moved from your face and out of instinct, you turn over, eyes wide open.

Dokyun is within two inches of your face and he's smiling down into your eyes.

“Much better,” he whispers, “I’d rather you be awake for our first kiss.”

You watch his head lower and his lips press against yours. His dare is to kiss his crush? You're his crush?!?! You can’t help but smile beneath his lips which makes him lift his head.

He laughs softly, “You heard us didn’t you? Any objections?”

You bite your lip, looking away from him, and nod, than shake your head. You nervously push a piece of hair behind your ear.

"Good," you hear him say and look back into his eyes. “So can we try that again?”

This time your lips meet his and join in. This time when his head lifts, his smile has reached his eyes. He points to the spot between you and the wall, “Is that spot taken?”

You look over and shake your head.

He leaves for a few minutes in which you begin to hear mumbles from the guys and a louder, “You owe us!”

You’ve rolled back over, your fingers on your lips, eyes closed; you can't believe what has just happened to you. When you open your eyes, a mat has been unrolled next to you. Dokyun’s takes off his jacket and drapes it over yours on top of you. He lays down facing you, his hand laying out between you. You tentatively reach out and put your hand over his. His smile reappears and his thumb comes up and begins to rub the top of your hand.

Smiling in disbelief, you close your eyes and hear, “Sweet dreams my little one”.

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