Lotto Kai (one shot)



I was once again dragged out to a party I didn’t want to be a part of. This place was nice but I really didn’t do good at parties. Ever since my best friend ended her relationship with her boyfriend she has been going out a lot more and "Having fun" as she would put it. I was trying to find my way to the backyard, since I need to breath. I bumped into a few people and said sorry as I walked through it. This party would probably be better if Kai was here. I could handle it with him around. Lately he's been pulling back from me and I don't know why. I finally got outside. I walked down the steps to get to the grass. Once I hit the grass I looked at a neighboring fence and heard some dogs barking. I walked towards them, Since I love dogs this was something I did quite often. When I got close enough to the fence a smile broke out. I knew these dogs. They were Kai's. This night just got better. Did that mean Kai might be inside the party since he is neighbors with the person having the party. "Jjanggu, Monggu, Jjangah" I called out and they came to a halt in front of me. "Good puppies." I said reaching my hand through the fence to pet them. "What are you doing back here?" I heard his voice and smiled and turned around. "I didn't realize you'd be here, I didn’t even realize this was your neighbor's house." I said walking over to him and hugging him. "That doesn’t answer my question." He stated pulling my arms off of him. "I needed fresh air, I couldn’t be in there anymore." Why was he being like this to me. I turned back to pet his dogs, and to hide the tears that were threatening to fall any moment. I stayed like that for a while and I thought he had gone back inside because of how quiet it was. "(Y/n)" him saying my my name sent me in to a frenzy. I shot up and turned to him. "What did I do? Why are you pulling away from me?" I snapped "Reasons." "Do you want to break up? Is that it? You finally got sick of me after 6 months of dating?" He didn't say anything and just walked to the fence and jumped over it. He started petting his dogs. Was he going to avoid it now. I didn't think twice and I jumped over the fence as well and landed next to him. "(Y/N) you shouldn’t be here go back to the party." "No not until you tell me what is going on. If you want to break up with me here is your chance." Tears were spilling down but I was trying to stay composed. Thank god it wasn’t too bright out so he probably couldn’t see. He took a step away from his dogs and put a hand on my face. "Stop crying, I don't want to break up with you." "Then what is happening?" I asked and in a swift move he pulled me close and pressed his lips to mine. He quickly separated and put space between us. "Kai…." I whispered "I'm trying to control myself, I don't want to force you into anything." "Force me into what?" I asked taking a step closer to him. "Sex." He said and started walking away towards his house. Was he worried that I didn't want to have sex with him. Of course I wanted to have sex with him, Every time I tried to get something initiated he would quickly run away from me and he would try to avoid me, which is why we ended up here. I ran after him and grabbed his wrist before he could open the door. "I want to have sex with you." Wow that came out exactly like I wanted to say. He turned around with a shocked expression. "What?" "I have been ready for the last month but you just kept avoiding me every time I tried to let us go farther." "You were?" he asked looking at me "Kai, I'm giving you permission." And in an instant he had pulled me close to him and kissed me.

I smiled into his kiss. He pulled away for a second to open the door so we could get in. After he shut the door his lips were back on mine. I pushed him up against the door with our lips still connected. He placed a hand on my waist as I went to the bottom of his shirt. I slowly started to pull his shirt up making sure my fingers touched his skin. I had waves of excitment run through me. I quickly took off his shirt and threw it behind me. His hand slid down and grabbed my butt and he squeezed. With a light squeal from me he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him. He had his arms holding me up as he tried to walk up the stairs. When he started to stumble I laughed and released my legs from him setting my feet on the ground. "I guess we need to work on you carrying me up the stairs…but for now let's go." I pecked his nose and ran up the stairs. "Hey I could have done it. You didn’t give me enough time to get too far." "Sure, Sure." I said still giggling. I didn't make it to his door before he caught me again. He grabbed me and lifted me up and took me into his room and threw me onto the bed. He jumped on top of me trapping me between him and the bed. He looked like he was going to eat me, and I was totally ok with that. His hand started running over my clothes until he got to the bottom of my dress then he slowly pulled the dress up and started rubbing my thighs. "Kai." I was starting to breath heavily. He smirked and his finger went over my wetness through my underwear. He didn't give warning before he pulled at the side of my underwear and shoved a finger in. I tensed for a second as he pumped his finger in and when I thought I was used to it he slipped in another one causing me to squirm. "You're so wet baby." "mhmm." I nodded he was going to devour me and this was making it more pleasurable for me. He pulled his fingers out of me and I whined. "Don't worry baby I'm not done with you yet." He said and pulled my underwear completely off. Within a second I felt his tongue on me. He first slipped his tongue into me and out a few times then went and made his way to my clit. He used that amazing tongue to flick my clit a few times sending shivers through me. He ran a few fingers along my thigh and applied a bit of pressure. I whined again and tried to move him off of me. It was a lot harder to push him off when I was getting weak by him. He finally pulled back. "Are you ready baby?" He asked "No, It's my turn." he raised an eyebrow showing he wanted to see what I was capable of doing. He rolled over and let me crawl on top of him. I kissed and licked down his chest until I got to the top of his pants. I quickly unbuckled them but didn't start to pull them off. Instead I messed with him through his pants adding friction. When I looked at him, He was looking at me. "I want to feel that pretty little mouth on my monster." this caused me to smirk at him and quickly with his help I pulled his pants and boxers off. Without any time to spare I quickly took him in my mouth. His breath hitched. I swirled my tongue around his monster and flicked my tongue on his tip a few times. "Oh fuck (Y/N)" hearing him like this made me want to work harder. I slipped my mouth off of him and pumped him with my hand a few times while touching the tip of my tongue to his tip. When I went to go take him in my mouth again he grabbed my hair and pushed himself in farther. He hit my gag reflex and I tried to ignore it because he started to moan. I finally forced him to let me go and I licked my lips. "God (y/n) I'm going to fuck you so hard." he said as I worked my way up his lips. He used his hands and finally took off my dress throwing it across the room and then went to work on taking my bra off and threw that as well. "Now it's fair." he said flipping us over. He quickly grabbed a condom out of his nightstand and I quickly grabbed it from him and slipped the condom on for his, giving him a few jerks. Once it was on he pushed me back so I was laying down and lifted one of my legs and placed it on his shoulder and then moved close and slammed in. The pleasure that ran through my body caused my head to roll back and a moan slipped out. I grabbed onto the sheets as he kept pulling back a bit then slamming in again. He started to slow down and then he pulled out. "Oh hell no you aren't done yet." I said and he lightly laughed. "You're right. Flip over." He said and I did as he asked. I propped myself on my elbows while he came up behind me and slammed in again. A moan flew out of my mouth and he slowly went in and out. I was getting impatient. "Fuck me harder" I said breathily. "Oh god." he said and started going faster and harder and he even grabbed my hair and pulled it towards him and although I hated when my hair was pulled it felt so good and more moans came out of both of us. I could feel the pressure building up, I was almost there and I could tell he was too since I could feel him inside of me. He shoved in one more time causing me to hit my climax and as I was dealing with my climax as he slammed in a few more times then hit his climax. He pulled out and moved off the bed and took the condom off and threw it in his trash. I rolled over still trying to get my strength back but I couldn’t. He put on some boxers. "Did I fuck you too hard?" he asked with a smirk. "Yes, But I loved it." He handed me my underwear and I tried to put it on but I was so weak. He smiled "Here wear this too. " he said handing me one of his shirts. I tried to get up to put everything on. He quickly took my underwear from my hand and slipped it on not forgetting to touch my skin. I put his shirt on easily. "Want something to drink?" He asked getting up off the bed.

" Yea, I'm hungry too, can I steal some food from you?" "Of course lets go." He held his hand out for him and I took it. I was still a little weak but I could handle walking finally. We walked back down to the kitchen, I wanted a bowl of cereal so he grabbed the box of cereal I wanted and I went for the bowl. The shirt definitely didn’t cover my butt when I lifted my arms up. He came behind me and grabbed the bowl out of my hand and I looked at him. He pressed his lips to mine. "I love seeing you in my shirt only." I blushed slightly All of a sudden the dogs were running into the kitchen. "Kai are you in here!" we looked at each other and before we could do anything Baekhyun walked in with Chanyeol. "Woah! Someone got lucky!" Baekhyun said and I tried to hide my legs by pulling down the shirt. Kai stepped in front of me. "What do you guys want?" He asked making sure they couldn’t see me. "We were wondering where you went, we were going to leave the party and wanted to say bye." Chanyeol said "Alright bye guys see you later." Kai said and I waved over his shoulder. "Bye." They laughed and said bye and left. "That was awkward." I said moving away from him. "You know what I realized just now?" he said turning to me. "What's that?" "I just hit the lotto!" he smiled I laughed and scrunched my nose. "I'm not really a lotto." "You are much better than the lotto." He leaned down and kissed my lips again. We pulled back. "We need to rest." I poured my cereal and started to eat it. "Expect a round 2 soon." He said into my ear as he wrapped his arms around my waist. "I'll look forward to it."

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