My Favorite "M"onday MV

It looks like today's favorite MV is none other than EXOs Monster! This is probably one of my favorite comebacks of all time. EXO not only looked indescribably (I can't even think of the word) that's how good they looked but the song and performance was intense. Monster is different from their concepts in the past and I think that is why I also liked it. All year Baekhyun has been catching my eye, then out of nowhere EXO dropped this track and he ruined my bias list. Damn him. Have y'all seen his new drama Scarlet Heart: Ryeo yet? He is so adorable in that drama. He may became a bias wrecker... 🙃😑

I hope y'all enjoyed this card. Tomorrow will be a favorite MV with a "T" for Tuesday. Do y'all have a favorite starting with "M" or one at all? If so, comment below or make a card and tag me in it. Let's have some fun and get to know one other!! 🙂🙂 If anyone wants to be tagged in any of my cards do be afraid to ask! Credit to the owners! Bye for now!! 😊😊

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