LED display and how to combine big data marketing

Traditional outdoor media age, high traffic location outdoor media reaches high touch, high media coverage of the core values. Advertisers are most concerned about who your audience is, where the target user and other issues, according to the flow of people in the past to determine the outdoor advertising, it is difficult to support the use of test data and scientific description of the customer in outdoor advertising inputs and outputs are reasonable.

LED display

The latest technology can analyze it at what time, what place to see the ad on the billboard, you can also identify the audience's age, sex, etc., so that advertisers advertising clearly spent every penny in the end where there is It did not play the desired effect.

November 2015, MODS value systems Horizons outdoor media release based on large data carriers (MODS data sources from within and outside the more than 30 million active mobile phone users to use data interchange Guangdong Province), including media coverage can be extracted through the large number of data, catalyst frequency, audience composition, per capita length of stay, cost per thousand and other key data to judge the value of the media.

Thus, large data dissemination media industry began to make the transition from standard media to audiences based greatly help achieve rational distribution of outdoor advertising, accurate delivery, the effectiveness of existing inventory to the limit. Thus serving to avoid blind, waste inventory, but also have brought a series of adverse effects of light pollution.

Phoenix Metropolis Media Marketing, general manager Liang Zhiyong think: Combining big data, LED media will be possible with the same 0 and 1 is characterized by a series of digital media, open up, so the depth of excavation in a LED media clients all media integration of communication in higher value.

Latest developments from the industry point of view, with the mobile operators, IT companies are opening up their business user data, application data from a large outdoor concept to reality. As Google last October, try using DoubleClick technology in outdoor advertising in the past, through real-time information, such as the viewer factors, weather, travel information, sports, etc., to automatically determine what ads to serve; at the same time, JCDecaux announced 2016 the company will use IT and Route data for customers to run their London 1000 digital screens do when supporting data; recent US mobile operator aT & T to launch large outdoor advertising data services.

In addition to delivery - to receive accurate Outsider, outdoor LED media also need to consider how to get the audience to accept the content, induced purchasing power, rather than simply let the audience see the information.

According to CCS (Consumer Behavior outdoor Investigation) and CODC (transit monitoring) data show that outdoor media with its broad coverage, real-time experience, manufacturing scenarios and topics, etc., to become one of the highest forms of media coverage. Today, the Internet has become the second spread beyond the traditional television platform, everything will be digital content, combined with the future of digital + outdoor scenes will become the best communication mix.

In other words, is in the era of consumption upgrade, outdoor media started to become consumers to enjoy a real product or brand in the real world experience is very important platform. In order to make the consumer experience becoming outdoor media platform requires three essential elements: digital media, interactive technology, creative scene of by LED large screen and small-screen mobile phone interaction, increased AR, VR technology to enhance interaction, strengthen consumer experience.

With the rapid growth of mobile Internet, interactive experience all kinds of technology continues to change, and self-propagation social platform for brand and consumer word of mouth marketing, phenomenal outbreak of strong support force, outdoor LED media have a new round of growth opportunities. Outdoor LED display and mobile phone terminals natural links, making the flow line to the next gold mine online platform for diversion, the formation of a new traffic entrance, but also gives it the overall marketing ecosystem in a more extensive role.

LED curtain display

In addition, the outdoor LED display by the electronic fence in combination with a mobile phone APP LBS technology and big data be joined, for accurate touch-up scene via push effective form of advertising, the use of big data platform based on geographic location information combined with digital media precision of delivery of the terminal contact of the audience again.

Data show that, through a combination of media and outdoor advertising end mobile phones, consumers are more likely to accept the higher end mobile ads appear and produce subsequent interaction. Undeniably, outdoor media that require high conversion rate of Internet products has a unique advantage, not only because of different outdoor media under different scenarios under rich and has a natural flow line opportunities, due to its line diversion conversion efficiency.

With the advent of Advertising 3.0 times in the past focused on the LED outdoor space, turning the space + time + person scenario, the consumer features into one. This is done by enhancing display technology, products and brand advertisers will not only form a good interaction with consumers via the big screen, and then become a gathering place for the marketing scene.

Currently, many companies launched a 3D, the naked eye 3D LED display products. To further meet consumer demand for experience, some of the LED display enterprises have also been trying to study mounted AR / VR technology. The increase in the virtual reality scene people, LED large screen interactive virtual scene with real people. The audience before the camera automatically pulled to interact with the display screen of the virtual scene, increase the commercial value of advertising.

LED display

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