Coffee Shop (Melody of the week One Shot)

Hello Melodies! How has everyone's week been going? I recently started classes. Already want the semester to be over. Or as@JiyongLeo put it yesterday, "Can I be done with college? It's only week two and I'm done with it already." HAHA Joji you are simply one adorable person.

Anyway we are here to read a one shot for@JaxomB for winning Melody of the week. Now that I have rambled on, I do hope you super enjoy it.

You worked in a coffee shop on the corner of Plaza square. You've been there almost a year now and seen many people come and go. Yet you still keep to yourself among your coworkers. They don't know your social life or what you do outside of work. But you like it like that.

The reason you started working at this particular coffee shop was cause a guy you met at the subway told you they make amazing coffee and people flock there, you had just moved to this part of town and had little to none money. What better than to take this guys advice, right?

You were making decent money, paid the bills. You saw many faces come and go into the store, many of them you started memorizing. Until one day you saw this handsome guy come in. He wasn't alone. He had two other guys with him.

Curious you took his and his friends order and went to making their coffee's right away. It didn't take you long to notice that he was in here almost every day and at the strangest hours. Your store was open twenty four hours and you had just become supervisor which is why you were there at ungodly hours as well. You memorized his order to the point of once he came in you were already making his coffee and by the time he was at the register you were done and taking his change. Except today. Today was different.

It was 2am and he was looking more tired than ever. You handed him his coffee and he went to give you his money.

"No, it's on the house tonight." You say.

His eyes light up and for the first time since walking in he looked up and gave you the brightest eye smile you had ever seen. There was no more tired look on his face, what little you could see due to him wear a face mask. He bowed his head to you and walked to his table in the corner and started sipping on his coffee.

You couldn't help but watch him. There was no one else in the store; your next employee didn't come in for another 3hours. Everything was put away, the shelves were stocked. What else could you do but sit and stare at him.

He looked over at you and caught you staring at him; you rushed to turn the volume up on the music playing in the store. When you turned around you saw him standing at the counter.

"Yes, what can I help you with?" You say.

"I was wondering if you wouldn't mind playing this song." He said pulling out his phone and scrolling through it.

"I guess yes, that is fine." You grab the cord to plug in his phone and your hands brush each other. He hits play and BTOB's Insane starts playing, but it isn't the normal fast paced one. No this one is much slower.

That's when you realise it's their acoustic version. You can't help but sing along. You look up at him and the biggest grin is spread across his face. He reaches his hand out to you to shake.

You shake his hand and he says, "I'm Hyunsik and we harmonize well."

"Did you say Hyunsik? As like this is your song?" You pull your hand away and steady yourself behind the counter, "BTOB Hyunsik?" When you first got the job you knew idols frequent this place but you never made it your job to know all the idols. You wanted them to feel like normal people when they walked into your store. Not having to be bombarded by fangirls and such. But here before stood someone whose music you listened to, whose voice you were hypnotised by.

"You know my group and who I am, but not my face?" He seems disappointed.

"No, No. It's not like that." You lean over the counter. "I respect all idols privacy and since I just moved here I didn't want to memorize idols by faces. I want them to come into my store and be able to be themselves. Not who they have to be on stage or on camera."

He takes your hand, "Thank you." Kisses the top of it, "What is your name? That way I can greet you when I come in the store."

Trying your hardest not to blush more than you are you gasp out, "Y/N"

"Thank you again Y/N for always making my coffee an-" His phone buzzes in his pocket and he frowns. "That's my cue to leave." He turns away.

"Will you be back tomorrow?" You say after him, "About the same time?"

He just smiles and nods while walking out the cafe doors.

With Hyunsik gone you still have 2hours till you next worker gets here. What are you to do in that time frame? Without any thought you find yourself imagining all the conversations you and Hyunsik will start having. First thing first is why does he always come in so late, is his schedule that crazy? This makes you thankful that you have the store open so late.

Does he like you? Why did you never think to play more of their songs?

A week pasted and Hyunsik was back. You weren't upset that he didn't come back that next day; he had his own schedule to fill. When you saw him walk through the doors you couldn't help but smile. You noticed he wasn't alone. Walking through the door was another man with blonde hair; he was shorter than Hyunsik and had piercing eyes.

You get to making Hyunsik coffee right away. This coffee was on the house and you went to take it to him. As you bowed and set the coffee down the other man grabbed your arm.

"You're Y/N right?" he asked.

Wide eyed you just nodded your head; Hyunsik smacked his hand to let you go.

"Illhoon leave Y/N alone." he was blushing. Why was he blushing?

"Sorry hyung, " He turned to face you while letting go of your wrist, "It's just you talk so much about Y/N that I was super excited to see if she was real or not." You stand up straight and start to walk away.

"Noona! Can get the same thing my hyung is having please. I'll come pay when it's finished." Ilhoon yelled after you. Do I give off that I'm that much older? Or is he being nice? Does Hyunsik like noona's, oh my goodness.

A throat clearing sound was made behind you startling you to almost dropping the drink you were making for Ilhoon.

You turn to see Hyunsik, "I'm sorry if he embarrassed you as much as he did me." He smiles that cute adorable eye smile, "I kept telling them you were real. He was the only one not believing me."

You didn't know what to say. But the words that came from your mouth were not the words you wanted to say.

"Go on a date with me." Startling yourself you handed him Ilhoon's coffee and walked into the break room. Peaking through the little glass in the door you saw him smile and look down at the coffee. Watching as he went to the cashier he asked for something. Then left to his table, picked Ilhoon up by the arm as he was flirting with a girl at the table across from him and left the store.

Ilhoon spotted you in the doorway and gave you a thumbs up before walking out the door.

"Ms. Y/N that young man left this for you." Your employee said as you walked out the break room. It was a note and read:

Y/N, yes I would love to go on a date with you. Here is my phone number, I don't know when I will be available this week to stop by and see you so let's plan something. Also I like that you a noona. Don't be shy. You're cute and I like that.









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