How Gross Is Your Makeup 💄

Que tal peeps!

If you are a makeup lover you might want to watch this video. These ladies had a lab check to see how clean was their makeup products. This made me rethink about increasing how many times I wash my brushes. Skincare Peeps A@AaliyahNewbell@aliendestina B@Badtz C D@Defy24601@dallasyamane F@FalseLove K@KatelynSummerso@Kpossible4250@KwonOfAKind@KellyOConnor@KokoroNoTakara S@stevieq@SimplyAwkward@senia@SusiBosshammer V@VKookie47

I LOVE KPOP, Korean Hip-hop, anime, skincare, fanfiction, makeup. I'm an ARMY and Namjoon is my hubby x Jimin is my next favorite! I'm in love with Asian culture! Besos and Blessings up!
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