A Little EXO - Part 8

They walked around the house, looking at everything. There were a lot of art paintings and books. They found everything to be interesting. Baek had found an old book with a bunch hand written pages in it. Some of it he was able to read, a lot of it was in different languages. He pushed through the book pages the best he could. Chan seen him struggling and gave him a hand turning the pages. "What did you find that's got you so enamored?" Chan asked pushing a page when Baek signaled him to. "I don't know. I don't even understand the beginning, half way thru it's in English. I wish I knew how to read English." he said looking at all the words in fascination. He looked at Chan for a long moment, Chan stared back, "Who can read English the best?" Both of them at once knew only one person, "Jongin" they said in unison. They called to him repeatedly until he was standing next to them. "Why have you summoned me?" he asked looking down at the book. "Can you read this?" Baek asked. Jongin looked at it and nodded. He looked around the coffee table they were on and luckily there were a couple small books that Chan and him stacked. He climbed up on them and preceded to read the one page. He made an awkward face. "Turn the page back one please" he asked, after Chan turned the page back, his face lit up, "Ahhh... interesting... okay now the next page." "First you have to tell us what it says." Chan said holding the page. Jongin smiled, "The other page made no sense but after reading this one, it does. It's a journal. It's Ajhumma's journal. But what's funny is the date... see, it's dated nearly a hundred years ago, Haha, better not tell SeHun." "But what does it say?" Baek asked. Jongin wrinkled his nose at him, "I don't know, I don't think we should be reading this, this is personal stuff." he said waving his hand at Chan to turn the page. "How personal?" Baek asked curiously. "She's writing about losing her husband and moving far away with her daughter. On this page, she writes about seeing the world again after so many years of being still. She missed traveling. She remembers the days when she was young, how her people moved from location to location. On this page..." He quickly reads another page. Jongin looked away sad, "She writes about how losing her daughter to old age because she didn't inherit the power...I can't read anymore, it's too sad." He jumped down. Baek understood and didn't push him to read anymore. "I was actually hoping I found her magic book." Baek said sounding disappointed. "I doubt she would leave it lying around like this." Jongin said looking at the book before them. Now it was his turn to be curious about the journal. He pushed the pages one by one. Baek and Chan sat up on the stacked books. They looked about the room, they could hear some of them chattering in the other room and voices coming from the kitchen. Chan was staring at Baek, like he always does when they're alone or when he thinks no one is looking. Baek smiled at him, blinking his eyes cutely at him like he does when he catches him staring. Chan grinned and looked away. Baek laughed at Chan's blushing cheeks, "What do you think? Is this still a dream or is it really real?" he asked. "I'm thinking a dream. How can something like this really happen, only in movies, only in stories. I keep pinching myself to see if I'm awake." Chan answered. Baek leaned over to him. "Ya... if you need pinching, let me know, I'll do it for you." Baek grinned and started laughing. There was a knock at the door. Everyone came running into the living, hiding where ever they could. The woman answered it, a moment later the little girl came running in. She took her shoes off and immediately ran upstairs. The woman closed the door and called to her but she was already running back down, nearly in tears. "Grandma, grandma!" she cried jumping up and down, "They're gone, they're gone! Did you take them already?" Her grandma put her hand out to her and lead her to the living room, "They're still here" One by one they all came out, waving their little hands at her and bowing. She bowed back and hello to them. "I hear it's your birthday. Happy Birthday!" Junmyeon said loudly. They all lined up and started singing a birthday song to her. "This is the best birthday ever!" the little cried, hugging her grandma.

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