Kyungsoo X Reader X Kai ~You Can See Me? Pt: 1/3~

~You Can See Me? Pt: 1/3~ Genre: Angst! Ghost/au, romance. ------------------------------------------ "What do you mean its haunted?!" Y/b/f/n yells into the receiver making Y/N wince at the ringing in her ears. "How can you explain objects being placed at random places randomly? Not even that! I see hand prints all over my bedroom window!" Y/N says sitting on the edge if her bed. "Well have you seen anything?" Y/b/f/n inquires. Y/N looks around her room sighing in defeat. "No....but that doesn't mean I'm not being haunted!" Y/N tries again. "Gosh Y/N, stop watching horror movies will ya? Its catching up to you now." Y/N lets out a frustrated sigh. "Fine! But if you find out I'm dead due to some weird ass shit know i was trying to tell you and YOU ignored me!" Y/N adds jokingly. She lays down on her bed staring at the ceiling of her room. She could hear the creeks o the floorboard as her father roamed around the house reading his newspaper. She heard her older brother blasting music next door and the sound f the sink in the kitchen down stairs. Everything seemed to be going great ever since they moved, but the strange small things always and keep happening to Y/N. She noticed the small things, like her jewelry, phone and keys being misplaced but gradually bigger things began to disappear and reappear. Her backpack and lap top. Her brother was barley at home, so it couldn't be him pranking her. And the other night Y/B saw four handprints on her window. Y/N wasn't afraid, more tired of not finding important things were they should be. Growing up she was always fond of the supernatural, always questioning it. Her mother was a part time medium helping people talk to the dead, as they passed. As a child watching her mom work sparked quite a lot if interest in the girl. "Haha very funny Y/N. Ugh i have to go now, talk to you later?" Y/N nods sitting up straight looking at the time. "Yea, leave me. Talk to you later gurl" she mutters into the phone, closing it. "Y/N! Get down here, we need to garb some groceries!!" Y/N groans out in annoyance. Putting her laptop in her drawer she walks down stairs grabbing her shoes. -Time Skip- Y/N walks into her room tiredly, her feet ached from all the walking and she felt a tingling sensation on her cheek like as if a pimple was forming. She gets up and walks to her drawer opening it to grab her laptop which was obviously gone. She lets out a groan and looks to the bookshelf where it was 'found' before when it went missing. It wasn't there either. Giving up she gets up to go to the washroom shutting the door. She looked at her reflection astonished that in a matter of hours a new pimple had grown. She quickly opens the door walking back into the room to retrieve pimple cream but stops in her tracks. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. On her bed sat a male staring boredly at another male who was quietly placing the laptop neatly on her nightstand. Unknowingly she lets out a gasp. She was right! She was being haunted! Not by one ghost but two!! At the sound of her voice the shorter male, sitting on the bed, quickly looks her way his big dooey eyes widening. The other male freezes. He slowly turns facing Y/N, Y/N is slightly taken back at how hot these two ghosts were. "Hurry and put it away Kai! She cant see us remember!" The shorter males whispers not moving. The taller one nods and gently places the laptop down. Y/N quirked an eyebrow, did they really think she couldn't see them? Couldn't normal people not see them? What did he mean? Pushing her thoughts aside she quickly open her mouth. "What the hell are you doing? Are you the guys who keep moving my stuff?" She asks her hands on her hips, giving both males a cross stare. The shorter male was handsome, his slick black hair was styled nicely, his brown eyes shone, it was the warmest brown she has ever seen. And his beautiful plump, heart shaped lips were so.....kissable. The other one was taller and more lean, he was nicely built but her hair wast facing different directions as if he just woke up. He too had luscious lips but it held a frozen half smirk as her voice rang out freezing him. His eyes read bad boy and danger. The tall one places the laptop and quickly turns around unable to understand how she was talking ti them. "Y-you can see us?" The shorter one says finally standing up. "Uh, duh? Im not talking to the air now, am i?" She says huffing, were these guys serious? "Uh.....well" The older one, known as Kai, says awkwardly. Y/N awaits there response as her brother walks into the room with a weirded off expression. "Who are you talking to?" He asks oddly, Y/N looks at her and back at the spot where thew two guys had been. The fucking banishes and left her with more questions then answers! "Uhh...No One!" She says quickly making her brother look around her room for anyone. "Okie.....but if you start sleepwalking like in those movies, Imma punch you awake ok?" He warms making Y/N giggle. She nods as he leaves, she shuts the door and looks around her room for any sign of then, but to mo avail. She walked to her bed and laid down. How could she call them? Would they still haunt her? She wanted to know who they were, what happened and what did they want?

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