Top 3 (NEW)Dramas that are a MUST watch....

1) The Number 1 drama that you should watch is call Master Sun; why? Other then having SUPER hot So Ji Sub, the show is full of scary looking ghost that are pretty scary looking and it has a lot of funny scenes too! So Ji Sub doesn't believe in ghost, but he meets this girl who has some type of ability to see them; which he thinks she's insane! 2) The second drama that should also be seen is call Good Doctor, cute Joo Won plays this character that has an autism; why should I watch it? It's a melodrama with a GREAT story line, there are scenes were you are amaze and sad and basically mix emotions. 3) Last and not least the number 3 drama is call Love Around it's a Taiwanese, romance/comedy drama; sexy George Hu who is son of an ex-gangster and is basically judge because of his family background. It's a cute funny drama that is fill with laugh-fill scenes. I hope you guys enjoy watching them and it's just my word/opinion who thinks that these dramas are a must watch. So if you're looking for something good to watch then check those new dramas to watch. :) (Pictures are from dramafever)

ELLO! I'm a huge k-drama/k-pop addict, hahaha. If you guys like you can follow me on twitter or tumblr! ^.^ Peace <3
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