Diamond are Forever: Part 10 - Endless Nightmares

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If you haven't read Diamond's are a Girl's Best Friend I suggest you go read that before starting here because you will not understand half of what is happening this season. You can find all of those chapters....



SUMMARY: Three years after Nanami left Jin in the night, the boys have become well known and widely loved idols. She goes to every concert and watches every TV appearance, but with Rick on her heels she can never be near him. With another major heist in Korea can she contain the urge to reach out to him while she is back?

Now just to clear this up. The boy's personalities might be a bit different from what they are like in real life, but I do not personally know them and this a FICTION story. Please take this into account as you read. Thank You.


Silence, not a word was spoken as they stared at each other. The large space of the warehouse sat like a desolate land between them only emphasizing the eerie calm snaking out from the shadows. Her long hair cascaded down her back while her usually smiling lips, were pressed into a line. He couldn't help but notice the look of disapproval that marred her features. A look that was only meant for him, one that he couldn’t bring himself to look away from yet couldn’t bare. Her once fiery eyes glossed over with tears and pain looked through him. He was not worth those tears, and despite the aching twitch of his fingers that longed to wipe them away, he dared not take a step. The thick empty silence weighed heavily in the room, clinging to his lungs and depriving him of oxygen. She didn't move, she didn’t blink, if it wasn’t for the steady rise and fall of her chest, he would have thought she was no more than a statue.

Smoke, slowly as if trying to torture him more than before, rose from the floor tangling her bare feet and legs as it moved lazily to wrap around his own. The thick and offensive mass wasted no time in claiming his legs then up swallowing his chest until his hands and head were the only skin in sight. His eyes drifted back up and a strangled gasp was caught in his throat. The all too familiar orange colored flame licked at her ankles. He watched in horror has it moved swiftly up her legs consuming her small frame from the waist down. His body fought against the smoke, his arms flailing and his legs kicking as he tried to reach her. His mouth was open in a silent scream and the tears sizzled as they splashed onto the burned floor, but no matter how hard he fought he was no closer to her than when the flames had appeared. A delicate hand moved into the air to point an accusing finger at him as her still calm features were slowly enveloped in flame. Slowly, the flames ate away at all that she was. It started with her hair, the locks burned into ash soon to be followed to the floor by the finger she pointed. One by one he watched as all that was her burned and melted into a pile of nothing on the floor, until nothing remained but her once pretty face, “This is your fault. You killed me.” The words caused his heart to squeeze in pain as he was left with nothing.

Jin shot up from his bed pushing his hair from his sweat covered forehead, his heart beating in over drive. He peeled his comforter from his slick body and turned flicking on the single light next to his bed. One week, it had been one week since this never ending nightmare started to plague is plunge into exhaustion, and one week three days seventeen hours and seven minutes since he had watched the woman he loved blow up in a building trying to protect him. Jin rubbed his tear streaked face and glanced at the photo by his bed. A simple frame held the only photo of her he owned. She smiled playfully back at him, a smile he would give anything to see again. The questions that had taken over his every moment since that day replayed in his mind like a chant made to drive him insane. Why had she done it? Did she really see no other way to get away from Rick? Why didn’t she let them help her? Why hadn’t she taken him with her? To give him freedom and the ability to live his life in peace? Didn’t she know that without her he was no more than a shell of his former self? He had flirted with the thoughts of his nagging brain to end it and join her in the afterlife, but wouldn’t that mean what she had done was in vein?

A heavy sigh left his lips as he laid back on his bed his eyes shut in an attempt to cut off the pain. Nanami was gone, and she had taken his whole reason to live with her, but she would have wanted him to pull through it. She would have e wanted him to move on. But could he? His thoughts drifted over to the sight of Levi hunched in a corner the pain evident on her face. A look of pity and pain on Yoongi’s face as he tried to find the words that would help her. Jungkook taking out his rage and heated emotions on anything and everything he could get ahold of in their small dorm. Even Taehyung and Hoseok had been uncharacteristically quiet in mourning. She had meant a lot to each of them, and yet she had felt the need to leave them behind in a warped sense of protection. Jinn’s eyes fluttered open and landed on the black suit that hung from his closet door. Tomorrow they would all say their final fair wells, tomorrow he would have to accept that he would never see Nanami again. A sob stuck in his throat as he tried to picture himself moving on after her funeral. How was he going to smile for his fans when the one person he smiled for was no longer there? The questions were never ending and he knew he would never be the same, but for Nanami he would smile, he would pretend it didn’t hurt, he would hold that piece of his heart that she occupied, more dear than anything else.

Because what else could he do?


The crimson light started to peak over the horizon and Levi signed. Sleep had been far too evasive the last week and she had gone to sit on the roof on more occasions than one. She hugged her sweater to herself as the chilled wind bit at her exposed skin, her cheeks already a rosy color. What would she do now? For as long as she could remember Nanami had always been there. She was Levi’s only constant presence and now that she was gone, Levi had never felt more alone and lost. Sure she had the guys, but Nanami had been like a sister, a friend, a parent, and now Levi was alone. The biting pain in her chest had refused to give away to anything the guys would say, and Yoongi had taken to just silently holding her. His presence, the only thing holding what little sanity Levi had intact. Even when Nanami had disappeared the fact that Levi lnew she would see her again was enough to keep her moving forward. It had given her something to do as she searched for the stobburn woman, but no amount of searching would help her lost friend now. Levi closed her eyes as a single tear ran down her cheek. The questions of why and what ifs ran endlessly through her mind.

“You're going to catch a cold out here.” The soft voice startled Levi and she turned to face the sad expression on Yoongi's face.

A harsh chuckled escaped her lips. “A cold is the least of my worries.”

Yoongi nodded his head in understanding and pulled her into his chest. He had tried to console her many times but had found it calmed her more when he just held her. What was there to say to someone who had lost her only family in such a way? “You can stay with us.”

Levi’s head shot up to stare at him. How had he known what she was thinking?

“You aren't alone, even if it feels that way. We all agreed that Nanami would have wanted us to care for you.”

He was probably right. Nanami had always watched out for Her and with her gone there was no doubt she would have hoped the guys would step in… but did she need the protection? Rick was gone and with him the threat that followed her. No, she didn’t need protection from them, but she did need help. There would be no more heists and an excited Nanami over sparkly jewels. How was she going to survive? “What about your fans and the agency?”

Yoongi shrugged his shoulders, “The agency has already agreed to it. As for the fans they will just have to deal. Right now you need us more than they do.” He smiled softly and hugged her tighter. “We are here for you.”

Levi stood silently enjoying the heat of his arms wrapped tightly around her. Could she really stay here? What if the fans wouldn’t follow him anymore because she did? Could she be selfish enough to risk his career over her petty feelings of loneliness?

“Stop.” Yoongi lifted her head up to look at him with a gentle finger on her chin. “We want you here and nothing is going to change that. I want you here.” Levi nodded softly and turned her gaze back to the sunrise her thoughts still fighting over what was right versus what she really wanted. “Are you thinking about pulling a Nanami on me?”

Levi froze. Nanami had disappeared on Jin so many times because she thought it was the right thing to do. Was she really thinking about doing the same thing to Yoongi now? She chuckled softly. “I guess she really did rub off on me.”

Yoongi signed. “I didn’t want to do this because of what is going on, but I have been holding on to this for a while.”

Her gaze shifted to him curiously and she watched as he dug in his jacket pocket. “What?”

“Levi, I am sorry for the horrible timing but a part of me feels like being selfish and making sure you stay with me. I don’t want to know how Jin felt every time he would wake up and Nanami would be gone again.” He took a step back and rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand. “I don’t want you to feel like we are rushing, and I am not saying let’s run out and do it now, but at least agree to be with me forever.” Yoongi brought out a small white pouch and handed it over to Levi.

Her fingers rubbed the soft fabric gently and she curiously opened the tiny sack. She attentively reached in and failed to hold in the gasp that followed as a small ring landed in her palm.

“We can take time and wait until we actually say our vows but I don’t want you to leave. If you think it is too soon then I can wait…” Yoongi’s face flared in embarrassment and he turned to walk away from her.

“Yoongi!” Levi smiled as he turned back around to face her. She didn’t waste a moment before throwing her arms around his neck and landing her lips against his. “Thank you.”

“What?” Yoongi looked at her confused.

“Thank you.” Tears welled up in her eyes and for the first time in days they weren’t for her lost friend, but for the relief she felt at knowing she was wanted and not having to be alone. “Yes.”

He attentively wiped the tears from her eyes. “Is that a yes I will marry you, or a yes you picked a really bad time.”

Levi chuckled softly. “Yes I will marry you.”

She leaned her head against his chest and held on to him closely. She wasn’t ready to do something like marry him right after the death of her friend, but she knew that one day she would be. Her mind was finally at peace. The fans may hate it, but if he really wanted her to stay badly enough to marry her, then who was she to tell him no?


The piano played softly in the empty space as Yoongi’s fingers moved effortlessly over the keys, but Jin had barely registered the soft melody of Nanami’s favorite piano piece. The small room was dark and filled with silent tears as the group sat around lost in their own thoughts. A beautiful black coffin with intricate silver designs sat empty at the front of the room. There had been no reason to involve the media, the fans, or anyone outside of their little group. Levi had explained that Nanami wasn't one to keep people close. She had acted against her own better judgement when she had let herself love Jin, this only pushed the fact that it was his fault further into his broken heart.

The fans had been curious when the boys had all but gone into hiding. Concerts were cancelled, fan meets were moved, and shows announced a change in the schedule. Their company played it off as the boys needing some down time, but that only raised more questions. Had the company over worked them? Were they sick? Were they on strike? Jin sighed softly. The life of an idol was amazing from the view point of the fans, but it was a lot harder than the boys had anticipated. Jin loved his fans, he was never happier than when he performed for them or talked to them at fan meets, but he needed space. Just for a while. He needed time to accept Nanami’s death and find some way to move on with his life.

Jin was brought out of his thoughts when he heard someone walk across the room to stand by the coffin. His eyes slowly looked up to see Jungkook staring down at the empty box. The young man turned to face them a sad smile on his lips. "I've been raised to believe that thieves were always the bad guys,” he paused as he looked out at the others. “But noona was always one to talk anyone into doing anything. She was someone who taught me more than I had ever learned in school.” the others nodded their heads in agreement. "You can't judge a person by what they do or how meticulous they are, you have to learn and understand what they do. I've never thought to ask how life would have been different if Tae hyung and i wouldn't have been stupid that night, and I never thought how I became so close to someone my mom raised me to runaway from, but it's different. I'm different. More open minded, more comfortable, more expressive, and that's all thanks to our little thief." He lifts his head towards the ceiling. "Noona, I hope you're stealing the jewels of the sky right now, but make sure to shine brightly for us. Diamonds are forever, just like you'll last forever in our hearts."

Jin felt the anger bubble up in his chest, as the others smiled and nodded at the maknae’s speech. How could they so easily move on? How were they able to let go of her, when he was drowning? The room started to close around him and he felt his heartbeat quicken. He needed space, he needed to go outside and calm down before he said something that he would forever regret. His legs shook slightly as he stood up and made his way towards the door. He would get some air and come back to mourn with the others. Jin wiped the tears from his face as he slowly headed for the door. Just a second, he thought. That was all he needed to compose himself. His shaky hand reached for the door searching for the metallic knob, but it moved from his grasp. He watched as the door swung open and someone entered supported on crutches. The body hobbled to stand in front of him a large smile on their lips.

“Hey Pretty Boy, you look like you have seen a ghost.”

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