Undercover Love Pt.1 A RapSon Fanfic

Warning Smut Swearing Rate Mature Angst drama BoyxBoy Detail Namjoon is an undercover agent who was order to kill the son of the chairman of the most well known and biggest company of Hong Kong. the plan was to eliminate the boy name Jackson before he could become the next to be chairman. it was a simple order but things didn't turn out as plan.. and feeling began to erupt.

'But what if you were to find out my true intention would you still have these undying feeling for me...'

a unercover love story.

"He's a child!" A woman shouted desperately as she held onto a dark hair and pale skin boy with small trembling shoulders. "he's a nuisance! A disturbance, a good for thing piece of crap!" A tall man dress in all black shouted as he yank the child by his small slender arm from the woman. "Please he didn't mean too Honey, please don't do this to him" the woman plead as she tried to hold on tighter onto the child. "He a disgrace to this family!" the man barked as he pulled onto the crying 10 years old arm. "Please!!! he's our son!" the woman cooed as the man dragged boy down a narrow hallaway. "A-appa" the child cried as he tried to dig the heel of his shoes to ground but failed as the men continued to tighten his grip and pull harder onto the child arm. the woman voice trembled as she plead for mercy but the men didn't listen to her cry, only shove her aside whenever she got in his way. Finally reaching the end of the hall way the men stops in front of a large metal door with a square shape window on the center of it. The men digs into his front pocket of his black jeans, where he pulls out this small sliver key that seem to belong to the large metal door. The man kicks open the door after unlocking it than tosses the small slim boy roughly into what look like a room for psych patient. the room was cold empty and grey with a bed that was screwed into the ground. "A-Appa" the boy stuttered as he tried to stand back up from the cold solid ground. The man stare at the crying boy with a disgusted expression upon his face, almost as if he stared at a piece of trash on the group. "Appa I'm sorry I won't do it again! appa" said the boy as he tried to run to the man he called a father. but man only pushed him back causing the child to fall back down on to the floor. the young boy grunted as he hit the ground, for he was left with scraps on the palm of his hands and scratches on his elbows and chin. "how could you do this to your own child!" the woman shouted from behind. "he is not my child" the man stated with a cold empty glare at the young boy then slam the door shut. The boy ran up towards the door as he bang his small weak fist against it; pleading desperately and anxiously to be let out. but no answer was heard; looking around In a panic his felt like he was nearly running out of breath as he began to kick the door as well. "Open the door let me out!! Please! appa! let me out!" he shout with so much agonizing pain as the tears ran down his colorless cheeks. "What did I do wrong!? Appa! Wae!!!" the boy screamed to the top of his lungs as he slam his fist harder onto the door, leaving his hand bright red with small cuts that slowly began to open. still with no answer the boy slam his back against the door as he slide down to the ground and hugged his knees and begins to cry into them. "Why do you hate me..." he sniffled "I Hate you so much... I HATE YOU! I FUCKING HATE YOU!" he growled. "I swear I fucking hate you! Let me out!" The young boy get back up onto his feets and head towards a small sink with a small mirror above it and stare at his own reflection with disappointment. "coward... You Fucking Coward!" he discouraged himself. "that all I am to you a coward and good for nothing a waste of space right?!" He shout angrily at the mirror. "But What does that make you huh?!" His eyes glow with anger "I'll show you who the real coward is" he swore as his balled up is fist. "do it..." said a voice. the boy look Round, startled as he wasn't sure where that voice was coming from. "Make him beg, but show him no mercy" the voice spoke again. "who there?" the child ask "or are you a coward like he say" "I am not a coward!" the young boy protest. "then prove it. . kill him..." said the Voice. "I will" the boy states as he turns to look back at his reflection. but something was different in his reflection it showed a dark exoression upon his face. the look of sad and loneliness ceased to exist only a blank stare appeared inside his dark cloudy eyes. "that right" the voice continued "show him what a true monster Kim Nam-Joon can truly be..." it echoed in Namjoon mind Followed by laughter as Namjoon begin to approach the door that slowly began to open; the desire to kill filled his heart... "Good job..."

10 years later...

"Kim Namjoon! front and center!" Sargent Park order Everyone head turn towards the tall slim red head boy with slender shoulders and blank eyes as he walked forward to the front. Namjoon walked with his head held high as he walked in between the line of the trainees. five boys whisper under their breath as Namjoon walk by them. "did you hear..." "No way really?" "did he really kill his family...?" "He a monster.." "rumors said that he killed his father one night" "No wonder he weird" "What a freak" But Namjoon didn't bother to acknowledge them instead only a small smirk was made. "present yourself agent!" Sargent Park demand. Namjoon turn to face the crowed and with that seem empty blank stare as he spoke with a cold tone of voice. " My name Kim Namjoon, I am 20 year old and I was recruited 10 year ago, i am the leader of the black Leopard assassins unit" all the trainees eyes widen with surprise; they didn't expect the legendary white Leopard would be the kim Namjoon let alone, be the leader of the unit. Namjoon was the first youngest member to ever join the mafia or the "agency" at the age of 10. He was recruited around the time he had committed his first sin and murder his father on a cold rainy night. It was thanks to sergeant Jun that he wasn't found when the royal guards had went to find Namjoon father, Officer kim. because Jun had taken Namjoon before they got there and brought him into the secret agency. Namjoon was born and raised in a home that had swear their loyalty to the royalties of South Korea and Hong Kong. but his fate was twisted around into becoming an assassin. Namjoon killed without feeling or worry or empathy he had became a monster who only mission was to murder and go. with Namjoon look he could pass as a innocent guy but little do they know the monster that lies within inside. -- a week later had pass and namjoon was training a group of new recruits when the head chief had called for him. "Hello sir you order to see me" namjoon said as he enter the office. "Yes I did, come in, come in and have a seat" the head chief said as he stood by the window staring outside. Namjoon bow before fully entering the room than headed towards the seat front of the wooden desk. "I have a very important mission for today Namjoon" the chief begin to explain. "A mission sir?" Namjoon questioned, it's been a while since he had left the base. "yes a mission but it won't be just an assassination this time Namjoon." " what type of Mission is it sir? if I mean ask"Namjoon said as he sat on the edge on his seat. "you'll be leaving the base" the chief blurt out. Namjoon eyes widen as he stood up from his seat. "you'll be leaving to Seoul tomorrow night, you'll be undercover as a normal 20 year old guy who is studying in collage, do you understand" the chief explained "yee sir!" Namjoon bowed as he was ready to leave the base. "your mission is for you to take out the next son to heir of the most powerful organization in Hong Kong." the chief added "Wait then why do i have to move to soul?" Namjoon asked as he sat back down. "Because the chairman son is living in Seoul, he is studying here in one of seoul top school." said the chief, "I understand, I'll complete my mission in no time sir" Namjoon respond with a devoted feeling. "it won't be that simple kim Namjoon, he is well guarded and not everyone can get close to him" "So what should I do?" Namjoon asked the chief "you'll gain his trust after that make sure to get access to his father place in there they have a hidden room that hold the case we are looking for" the chief said as he gather everything that Namjoon will needs. the chief hands Namjoon the envelope where all the information to mission is at and where and who it is he has to assassinate. Namjoon slowly opened the envelope with caution. His squint eyes as he stared at the photo, somehow the boy look vaguely familiar to him. "I'm sure I can trust you right soldier" the chief addressed Namjoon nod his head yes as he gulps down a big knot in his throat something felt strange by how the the chief said that almost like he had something plan. the chief pat Namjoon on the shoulder as he walks outside of the office; leaving Namjoon alone in the room, Namjoon heart grow heavy for a split second then quickly vanish as he knew what his mission was and no matter what he will complete it. quickly shaking his head and trying to avoid those thoughts Namjoon take a deep breathe he know the chief will never betray him like that. Namjoon had a mission he need to focus on and complete, nothing is gonna change Namjoon heart he won't let down the chief. ---------- Jackson was laughing so hard at how one of his guard who was scared and worried because he had lost sight of jackson. Jackson was hiding behind a car while his guards scattered around looking for him in a hurry. this was the most fun Jackson could ever have since he wasn't really allowed to hang out with friends. "My lord" one called out "Jackson sir where are you?" another said in a panic tone of voice. "your majesty!" they hollered. Jackson finally stop laughing as he sat down on the ground his back against the car as he let out a heavy sigh. "man, I would what it like to have someone to laugh with you?" said Jackson as he stared up at the clear sky. "I hope that one day I'll meet someone who could treat me as me... well I ever find happiness" Jackson add as he rake his hair back. meanwhile on the plane ride to seoul Namjoon stared at out small round window then back at the photo in his hand. something felt strangely familiar it was the that type of feeling you get when you've seen or been somewhere before and nor it had happen you don't remember when but it has. Namjoon ruffles his hair as he began to feel frustrated while he lean back against his seat. "aish... where have I seen him before..." namjoon mumbles to himself "Jackson Wang..." namjoon look at the wind again as he whisper under his breath "I'll find you and complete my mission just as plan" But little did Namjoon know that nothing was going to go as plan.

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