Run Jun Myeon (Part 3)

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Chanyeol paced the living room waiting for Junmyeon to finish his shower. He was worried for his friend, but he wasn't quite sure how to help him. The attorney had advised turning himself in but Jun was too afraid at this point. He didn't want to leave him alone, he didn't know what Jun was thinking. Was he going to run, go into hiding, hoping this will all blow over or will he have faith in justice and wait for his innocence to be proven all the while sitting in jail. All Chanyeol could think was that right now, everything was pointing at him. The investigator that came to the dorm said Junmyeon was the last person in contact with her, physically, and his number was the last one she called other than her brother. Junmyeon walked out the bathroom. His eyes red from crying, his handsome face twisted in misery and the realization where this was going and how it will end. It killed him to think that his mother and father are worried sick about him. The other members were probably confused as to what is going on. The tv was still on and an update came on. Chanyeol picked up the remote to turn it off but Jun told him not to. "Investigators have a suspect and are in the process of finding him. It's believed that the victims own boyfriend may have caused the victims death after learning she was pregnant with his child..." "JUN! Is that true?" Chanyeol yelled. Junmyeon couldn't believe what he just heard, "NO, THAT'S NOT TRUE! SHE'S LYING!" He yelled at the tv. He felt the room spinning again. He collapsed on the floor, covering his ears. Chanyeol quickly turned the tv off. "It's not true Chan, I swear to god, I swear on my mother, that's not true!" "Are you sure? I mean..." He didn't know what to say. At that moment, he knew he was going to help him to the end. No matter what, he was going to do what ever it takes. He walked over to Junmyeon and pulled him to his feet, his face a complete reck, "I know I said not to run... I need to get you out of here." "You can't. I have to do this on my own..." Junmyeon said, wiping his tears away, "I need to find how and why this is happening." Chanyeol took his face into his large hands, looked him in the eyes, "And I'm going to help you. Right now, we need to get out of here. Okay?! Let's go..." He grabbed one of his jackets from a closet and a face mask and had Jun put them on. "Meet me down in the parking garage." Junmyeon stood at the door, he watched Chan get on the elevator and figured he would wait a few minutes before heading out. As he stood there, he couldn't help but think this was all wrong, she couldn't have been pregnant and she couldn't have died. She was crying on the floor, holding her arm, screaming and cursing at him to leave. No one was going to believe him, just those close to him will, but to the rest of the world, he killed that girl. When it felt right, he walked out into the hallway. His stomach was twisting into knots, he suddenly wanted to run back into the Chanyeol's apartment. He took deep breaths and pounded his chest, "I can do this." He headed down the hall to the elevator, hoping it'll open as soon as he pushed the button. There was a few seconds his heart stopped when he heard someone behind him but they turned around and went back to their apartment. He kept pushing the button for the doors to open. Now he knew what 'every second was a lifetime' meant. The elevator doors finally opened but as he stepped in, he bumped into someone. They bowed to one another and went around each other. Junmyeon kept pushing the garage button, but as he was waiting for the doors to close, he seen that person he bumped into walk up to Chanyeol's door. He started pushing the down button more frantically. His heart and body began to shake. The doors finally closed. He sunk back against the wall, his knees went weak making him crumble to the floor. He hoped no one else would get on, he hoped the elevator would not stop. But the elevator stopped, he guessed it was the garage level. He pulled himself up off the floor. When the doors opened, his heart jumped into his throat when someone was standing in front of him. Chanyeol grabbed him and lead him to his car. "Where did you park your car?" Junmyeon pointed to the end of the garage. Sitting in a dark corner, his little blue Hyundai was sitting quietly out of the way. "Over there. Why?" Jun said. "I'll take care of it." Chanyeol said. They got into the car and drove out into the street. As they drove past the front of the building there was a police car parked in front. Jun sunk down in his seat, once safely past, he sat back up straight. "Where are we going?" Junmyeon asked. "I don't know. I have an idea but I don't know if it'll be okay to go there. I have to make some calls." Chanyeol said pulling his phone out, Junmyeon grabbed his phone away. "What if they're tracking our phone calls? You know, like in the movies?" Chanyeol thought about it and thought that it could true. He tried to think of another way to make that call. Someplace discreet, where they wouldn't be recognized. They drove across the city to a friend of Chanyeols. Junmyeon waited in the car. After a few minutes, he came running out. "What happened?" Junmyeon asked. "Ready to take a little trip?" Chanyeol asked. He started up his car and they drove off into the night.

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