20 Day BTOB Challenge -- Day 18

Today is all about Sungjae. As the maknae of the group, I'm not Sungjae has a nickname, unless it's the prettiest male maknae. He looks like a model and actually has done some modelling.

I love that Sungjae has such special relationships with all the rest of the BTOB members, especially Changsub.

And Sungjae is willing to do about anything his leader asks him to do....

Everyone may have been laughing at Sungjae and Eunkwang, but their team (with CLC) took the gold medal in archery.

Sungjae is a good actor. He has now been in several TV shows and also served as a host for a few music programs.

He was an adorable police officer and detective wanna be in The Village: Achaira's Secret. If you haven't watched this drama, you should. It's a little different from the normal Kdramas.

Sungjae was also the 'bad boy' in Who Are You - High School 2015.

Of coarse he was 'married' to Red Velvet's Joy in the reality show We Got Married. Their fairy tale wedding with the memebers of BTOB and Red Velvet was a lot of fun to watch.

Aren't they cute together?

Sungjae did very well as the Tired Bumblebee on The King of Masked Singers.

Not only am I waiting patiently for BTOB's comeback this fall/winter, I'm looking forward to Sungjae's new drama Goblin. I don't think it will be finished until late 2016 or early 2017.

I will leave you with this cute photo of Sungjae with BTS's V. They are 95 line friends....and actually met in the bathroom.

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