7Most coffee “berries” are handpicked from the plant.A good collector can fill 15 baskets a day. The berries are taken to the “beneficios”, or processing plants where they are washed and sorted in a water bath, where the high quality berries sink to the bottom and move onto the next step. These quality berries are and then de-husked and de-pulped and two beans to each berry are extracted. The beans then get loaded into a round barrel which separates the more desirable, larger beans from the smaller beans. The beans are then dried, either in the sun or by machine, and sealed up in a bag to be sent off to be roasted, grinded, and brewed just for you.Costa Rican Coffee8Touring a Costa Rican coffee plantation is a great way to learn about the coffee process.What better way to learn about Costa Rican coffee than straight from the source? When you travel to Costa Rica, why not try a coffee plantation tour? You’ll get up close and personal with the stages of production, harvesting, processing, roasting, and then of course there is the pouring into your cup and, last but certainly not least, the drinking. ¡Salud!hand holding costa rican coffee beans

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