The Pain of Regret

I'm very proud of you for being here for me and thankful. I'm very sorry if i ever did anything to make you think you were not good enough for me. Im sorry I said no when you asked me for a relationship. I think I hurt you. My religion got in the way of what I wanted truly in my heart. And I should have followed my heart. It was never that I thought you were not good enough. I just thought i had to do what the Bible says. You were not the problem. It was my problem. I still love you. I always did. I'm sorry that i didnt find a better way to deal with my problem and I'm sorry that i said no to the relationship. I'll never be happy without you. I'd do anything to just go back and do things differently with you. Because from the time i first said i loved you, there has been no one else in my heart. Not even close. I wanted to marry you and i would have left behind everyone i love just to be with you and i still would. You may not care but i still had to say it. Please, accept my apology for my mistake. I think i will spend the rest of my life grieving because you married someone else. I cant forget you.

Idk. Im just making it up as I go.
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