f(x)’s Victoria Talks About Her Kiss Scene with Super Junior M’s Zhou Mi

f(x)‘s Victoria recently talked about the hidden story behind her kiss scene with Super Junior M‘s Zhou Mi for a drama. Victoria has been selected to be an MC for KBS W’s “Glitter” where she invited her close friend, Zhou Mi. During the episode, Zhou Mi revealed, “It was supposed to be a serious kiss scene but whenever our faces got close, we burst out in laughter and made a lot of NGs.” Victoria continued, “It was so funny, I think I spit a lot on Zhou Mi’s face by accident.” Last August, the two idols starred in the Chinese-Taiwanese drama, “When Love Walked In.” Victoria played the female lead, Shen Ya Yin, who went from having a normal life to becoming the granddaughter of CEO of a big company. Zhou Mi plays one of the special company workers who helps Victoria during her transition and falls in love with her. “When Love Walked In” was very successful and ranked #1 during its time slot.

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