Hi everyone! Its Melissa with some more Halo. I just installed V app. And guess what I found on it? Thanks to@JaxomB for letting me know about this. That's right HALO is on V app.

You can watch videos on V LIVE. Here is the link to check out their first V app.

You can watch videos on V LIVE. Here is their latest airing on V app. It was three days ago. Sorry not subbed. It's a preview for their up coming album. I hope you enjoy them. I highly recommend installing V app if you haven't done it yet. Yakcha team @JiyongLeo @AmberRelynn @Bwolfgirl MADTOWN crew @vixxstarlight1@LocoForJiyong @JiyongLeo @IsoldaPazo @Vatcheeafandi99 Topp Dogg Moderator @MrsJungHoseok Topp Dogg Klass Mod supporters @kaeliShearer @AimeeH @XergaB20 @twistedPuppy the Royal family @QueenLee - moderator @AaliyahNewbell @mbg3t Group of the week taglist:@Kieuseru@ESwee@EliseB@KAddict@Starbell808@pharmgirlerin@lilbr0wneyes@resavalencia@CrystalGuerra@SerenityThao@jessicaacosta90@Isolate@Bwolfgirl@twistedPuppy@sherrysahar@ibMIMI@Maddie27@CreeTheOtaku@mrsjeon@merryjane13@milcalopez963@AaliyahNewbell@milcalopez963@JiminsJams4@petname83@JaxomB@alucard9768@SimplyAwkward@AmberRelynn@AlyssaGelet18@NykeaKing@ShinoYuki@LaurenStrayhorn@Xoxojessica12@Kayto4@ckienitz@karinamiranda81@CrookedShadow@shelbyhusband

Hello! I'm a multiple kpop fan and drama lover. I love being part of Vingle, which helps me with my kpop cravings. 😊
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