Enough is Enough (BTS Angst Oneshot)


Summary: I took her for granted...







"Jin listen to me she's lying to you!" I looked at Hani and back at Y/N,"Enough! Y/N you think I am not aware of how you feel about me?" She looked at me the disbelief distorting her face, "You think I would lie about this so I can have you for myself?" I nodded,"Why else would you try to stop me from being happy?" She scoffed and ran her hand through her hair, "Maybe because I care about you and don't want you getting hurt?" Hani then grabbed my hand,"Enough Y/N..." Tears then started to fill her eyes until they started to fall,"Yeah Jin...you're right this is enough...I am done...I'm sick of always running after you when you can't even look back for even just a millisecond. Now you'd rather believe a stranger than to me someone who has been by your side for 10 plus years." She laughed and sniffled then wiped the tears off her face and whispered softly,"But your right...enough is enough and I've had it...Goodluck with your life Jin...I hope you realize that whenever something happens I won't be there anymore because I'm done..." She then grabbed her car keys and left slamming the door behind her,"It's fine babe...you have me." Hani said as she crawled her hands onto my waist. "Yeah..." I wrapped my arms around Hani as I heard Y/N drive away.

It's been 2 months since that night and Y/N was right. Hani had been cheating on me. I looked at Y/N from across the cafeteria. She was laughing next to Hoseok and it sent a pang in my chest. I miss that loud seal-like laugh. I miss her box smiles. I miss her. She was right. I needed her the most right now but she was no longer there. She had always been there that when she finally wasn't I felt like a part of me went missing. I felt as if I had just lost a big part of me. She was finally happy. But not because of me. It's because of someone else. I took her love for granted. Now that I no longer had it I feel lost. Y/N has always unconditionally loved me despite constantly breaking her heart. I noticed every time she would look at my girlfriends with jealousy. But I ignored her. I ignored her feelings. Now I can't ask for her. Because I had no right to.

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