20 Day BTOB Challenge -- Day 19

When BTOB gives me heart eyes....hmm....I honestly don't know how to answer that one. I have to be careful I don't come off as a pervy noona. I guess the best answer I can come up with is when BTOB is happy, it makes me happy. The few times I've seen them unhappy and/or sad, it just breaks my heart.

For Hyunsik...his eye smile, he's happy showing Melody his tattoos, his abs, and his friendship with D.O. and other idols. Then of coarse his beautifully smooth voice.


For Changsub...he's a cute leftie. He can go from dorky to chic in a matter of minutes. He can sleep virtually ANYWHERE, and his voice is amazing.

For my Chicago boy Peniel....he's not afraid to show us wearing a mask or in the tub (too pervy to show a photo). He shaves his head so he can sleep longer. He loves skinship with his members. Peniel is proud of his Vlog and I love watching it. Boy does he show a LOT of food.

For Ilhoon...his webdrama made me laugh. He is cute as a button, and I look at him as a complete cinnamon roll. Ilhoon is too young for to think of him any other way than cute and adorable. He makes such a pretty girl, and BTOB's friendship with VIXX makes me happy. I have to put in Ilhoon singing the cute song too.

For Sungjae...he loves his bandmembers, especially Changsub. He's getting to be a good actor, and his dramas are worth watching. He is cute as can be, but can turn in to a complete dork at the drop of a hat. Sungjae and Joy were adorable on We Got Married, and I hope they remain friends. I had to include the two of them singing together.

For EunKwang....I think he's an awesome leader. Of coarse he can be the biggest dork of the group, but that's part of his charm. He wouldn't ask one of his members to do something he wouldn't do himself. He loves Melody a lot. Personally, I find him cute. We all know he has a beautiful voice, but his laugh makes me laugh. He's one of the biggest scaredy cats, but I love that he can laugh at himself for it.

For MinHyuk....He goes from dorky to cute to boyfriend to HOT in a matter of minutes. MinHyuk's athletic ability cannot be matched by any other idol out there right now (Minho probably comes the closest). He was so happy to get the idol vault record, which he still holds. Then I had to add in a clip of him running, as he's amazing. Could you imagine how fast he'd be if he actually did have some training. He's .01 off the world record in the 60 M. If he was trained on coming off the starting blocks correctly (he's slow), then I bet he could break the record.

Yikes! I got sidetracked watching cute BTOB videos of the members. Sorry. I always feel better after watching these boys, and today wasn't a very good day. I needed something to make me smile, and BTOB makes me smile.

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