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Ken was exhausted after laying the boys down for a nap. He had played heroes, horsey, drew super heroes and listened to the endless chatter. He found out that they met Yuki at the playground that Hakyeon had taken them to on his day off. It was endless talk about Yuki when they weren't playing some game. They had tried to get Yuki to play but she refused to leave Leo’s side. Each time leaning closer to Leo and hiding her face.

There was no denying that Leo was scary. All the guy did was glare anytime he was near him. Ken did manage to catch a few glimpses of Leo smiling at Yuki and making her giggle. So the guy wasn’t heartless. Ken couldn't help but wonder what happened for Leo to be like this. So cold towards everyone except Yuki and the boys. The boys seemed fine with him. They where too interested in playing Prince Charming for Yuki to care. At least that’s what Hongbin and Wonsik went on and on about since he walked through the door. Ken made sure everyone had lunch, including Yuki and Leo. After doing a quick clean up of the dishes Ken laid on the couch for a little shut eye himself. He had been up all night with a sick Hyuk. 
It wasn’t long before Ken’s eyelids fluttered closed and sleep over took him.

Ken woke with a start as pillow after pillow hit him. 

“Ah!” He screamed trying to cover his face as the giggles of the children could be heard. 
“Get the big dose dragon!” Hongbin cried. Big dose dragon?! Ken couldn't help but wonder. Where the heck had that name come from?!

“Die big nose dragon! Die!” Hong bin shouted.

“You wont scare our princess anymore!” 
Wonsik vowed.

Ken was finally able to process what was going on. He pretended to be wounded and rolled dramatically onto the floor. The kids screamed and scattered. Hongbin and ran under the table whole Wonsik jumped behind the couch and Yuki ran and hid with Leo around the corner only peeking out to see what was happening. Ken jerked his body and continued to “pretend” to die. Getting annoyed Leo couldn't help but speak up.

"Just die already." An annoyed voice belonging to Leo spoke up. After a few more jerky movements Ken stopped moving.

"Is he dead?" Yuki asked suddenly unsure if they did the right thing. Wonsik slowly peeked over the couch while Hongbin crawled out from under the table. Even Yuki crawled out from behind the wall. Once they where all close Ken jumped up.

"RAWR!" He made his hands into claws. The kids screamed and ran away all the while giggling. Even Yuki was smiling and playing a little now. Ken chased them around "almost" catching them before they got away. Wonsik hung from his arm while Hongbin attacked a leg. Ken tripped and fell straight on his face. He let out a groan while the kids cheered that they had "Defeated the Big nosed Dragon!"

Now that Yuki was "safe" Wonsik and Hongbin encouraged her to play. With her Appa near by she decided it would be alright. The big nose dragon man didn't seem as scary anymore. She found him rather silly now. While the kids played Ken was able to finally just sit and relax. He received a call on his phone from Hakyeon saying that Leo had an interview the next day. Ken relayed the news and Leo just nodded. His thoughts began to wonder to how Yuki would handle it. They had never been apart since she was placed in his arms. How would she handle this? Would he even be able to handle this?

Leo entered the kitchen to make some coffee. He needed to settle his nerves of the possibility of being away from Yuki. Seeing a knife a large knife laying in the sink gave Leo an idea. He smirked and put his plan into motion. The kids where busy playing together so Leo called Ken into the kitchen. Unaware that something was up Ken rose from the couch and entered the kitchen. Leo was leaning against the counter sipping at some coffee. When he saw Ken he placed the mug behind him on the counter.

"Ne Hyung?" Ken asked. Leo motioned him forward. Cautiously Ken stepped forward.

"You'll be watching Yuki if I get this job correct?" Leo asked starring emotionlessly at Ken.

"Um, I suppose. If you'll be living here then, yeah. Sure." He nodded. The vibes Leo was giving up was beginning to scare him.

"You seem good with the boys. Seem to know what your doing." Leo spoke. Ken didn't say anything. He just waited for Leo to continue. This obviously had something to do with Yuki but he wasn't quite sure what Leo was getting at.

"I haven't been apart from Yuki for more than an hour or so since she was placed in my arms." Leo moved away from the counter. Ken may have been on his guard but he couldn't help but let out a surprise yelp at the action that happened next. Leo grabbed Kens right arm and twisted it harshly behind his back. Shoving him face down against the counter Leo grabbed the knife. He stabbed it right down in front of Kens face. Far enough not to harm him but close enough to make his point. Ken was too frightened to fight back and stayed frozen to the spot.

“If any harm befalls that child,” He paused for a dramatic effect. “I’ll make sure you never see the light of day. Your days will be endless suffering until I feel it is time to end things.” Ken actually gulped. Leo’s eyes were so cold and held promise that Ken momentarily saw his life flash before his eyes. 
"Understand?" Leo asked. Ken nodded wordlessly.

"Appa!" Yuki's voice could be heard from the other room. In instant Leo's gaze softened and he removed himself from atop of Ken. He walked away as if nothing happened. Ken let out a breath and crumpled to the ground rubbing his now sore shoulder. After some time he was finally able to stand. He stared at the knife sticking up from the cutting board and carefully removed it. This Leo guy was one scary dude.


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**I have begun another Semester of School so updates may not be from week to week. I will give you all a heads up if something comes up for me being un able to upload a chapter.

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