Rappers Intent Ch.4

Who:Reader X Woo Jiho (Zico) What: I don't even know y'all (No angst though) Chapter 4 Story: You and your best friend Park Jihoon left America to be apart of the South Korean K-pop group called NTERNational. Two years have gone by and while the popularity of the group has grown you, as the only female of the group, have been starting to feel like you need to step up in order to get the group to the top. Good thing you meet the one rapper out there that challenges you to be the best...

Zico's POVHaneul's POV

Woo hoo! Contract is finished and now I can focus on the P.H.A.T collection, Through paper glass windows and Rappers intent! I'm excited.....I can't stop writing...... help, jk ❤ Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed. ~BabydollBreTaglist:

Cosplay ・ Kpop ・ FanFiction ・ JayPark
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