Got7 surprise to meet IGOt7 through buzzfeed ❤❤❤😲😲👌😲😲

Omgee Omgee Omgee everyone this is just soooooooooo cutte i am dieingggg i absolutely love got7 soooooooooo muchhhh ❤❤❤❤❤ i am a proud IGOT7 and yes i love got7 and this was just soooooooooo sweet. Omgeee they got to hug them mark was just soooooooooo adorable the whole time and they gave them free tickets for the next day. I am quite sure this happened in LA. Eventhgh this was Only for few min damn this was just soooooooooo cutte nd soooooooooo sweet. I wd literally die Omgeee i remember during the hitouches it was just soooooooooo cutte. Lols i wanted to scream out all their names but i was only able to scream mark yugyeom bambam nd Jackson. mark is just soooooooooo good looking from soooooooooo close lol. I was lost starting at him nd yugi waved at me like lols like he was saying dont forget me Omgeee nd the cutte maknae is just soooooooooo adorable. bambam literally grabbed my hand with both of his hands nd Jackson. i was like yoo Jackson nd he was yoo what's up. i am sorry i skipped Yongjae nd ran to Jackson i feel terribly for doing that thgh. Nd then when i saw jb he bowed nd smiled at me and my mind went blank Hahas nd junior gave me the cutest shyest smile ever hahahasssss it was just soooooooooo cutte i absolutely love got7 ❤❤. all credit to its actual owners Omgeee this video made my Saturday hope u all have a great Saturday too later everyone ❤

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