20 Day BTOB Challenge - Day 20

Ah, day 20....I didn't know if I'd be able to make all 20 cards. I almost feel bad that this is the last one.

What sets BTOB apart...hmm....they are one of the most under appreciated and talented groups out there. They continue to be their lovable dorky selves too.

When they are all together, you can just see how much they love each other.....

They do what they do for us Melodies. I probably have more group shots of BTOB than I do any other group.

BTOB will do things other groups wouldn't dare do....from the red carpet poses I love (see above)....to cross dressing while the boss is watching...

They made everyone laugh at the Idol Olympics with their antics, then proceeded to win the gold. I heard they had some good costumes this year also, but I haven't been able to find out much yet. There isn't as much leaking of photos and video this year.

They are friends with a lot of the other idol groups out there, and I've never heard a bad word about BTOB from other groups. The other groups really seem to like and respect the BTOB members. There are a lot of photos out there of BTOB members with members of other groups like BTS, VIXX, EXO, GOT7, FT Island, Mamamoo, CLC, etc....

Usually a group has one or two "different" members, but BTOB is a group of cinnamon roll beagles. They crack me up with their antics, like the helium clip above.

Don't let them fool you. They are all beautiful, talented flower boys too. They can melt a girl's heart as quickly as they can make a girl laugh. These boys can do it all....sing, dance, rap, play instruments, act, and are athletic. BTOB take care of each other and support each other. When one member has to be away from the group during a performance, another member can easily take over the missing member's part. It doesn't matter if it's singing or rapping....the singers can rap, and the rappers can sing. When a member is filming, the rest of the BTOB members have sent food trucks and have come to the filming site to show their support.

When BTOB won their first award, you could tell the other groups were genuinely happy for them. BTOB has supported and congratulated other groups over the years, and now BTOB is finally getting recognized for the talent they have. I hope it's enough that BTOB can do a world tour soon, as I really want them to come perform live for us.

So what sets them apart from other groups....hmm....the love us Melodies have for our lovable, dorky, cute, talented beagle boys. We are never embarrassed by them, as their uniqueness sets them apart and makes us love them even more.

Leader EunKwang






Maknae Sungjae

I hope you enjoyed the last 20 days of cards...

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