A Little EXO - Part 9

They waited in the dining room with the little girl. They sat with her talking and kept her company until everything was ready. "Do you want to hear another story or do you want to play a game?" Yixinh asked. The little girl thought for a second, "A game." "What game?" "Hide n seek! I'll even count to 20 to give you lots of time to hide!" she yelled, "You all hide, I'll try to find you." She ran to the corner and closed her eyes and started counting. The guys ran in all directions trying to find a good spot. Baek ran into the living room, running against the wall, giggling as she got closer to 20. He remembered the stacked books on the floor and headed for it. He climbed up as quickly as he could, it lead up to some shelves, from there he climbed up the shelves as far as he could. When he was high enough, he pushed a book forward and squeezed behind it. He stood there quietly, his tummy full of butterflies, thinking he has the best hiding spot. The little girl passed by him numerous times, stepping quietly, listening for any sounds. She heard something drop in the other room and went running, sliding around the corner in her socks. He peeked out from his hiding spot and seen Kyungsoo and SeHun come running around the corner and hiding under the couch. He could hear them giggling. He wanted to tell them to be quiet. The little girl came running back in, she quickly got down and reached under as fast as she could. "I caught you!" she squealed gently pulling Kyungsoo out by his foot. He came out laughing and screaming, trying to crawl away. "Who else is under there?" she lifted the couch skirt up but didn't see anyone. Baek seen SeHun trying to make a run for the flower pot but she caught him by the back of his shirt. Sehun let out a scream. Baek crawled backwards into his hiding spot until he heard them leave. When it was quiet, he stood up and pushed the book out a little bit more so that he could sit properly. As he sat there, he happen to look over at the other book sitting next to him. The title was in Korean so he was able to read it well, "Book of Shadows" he quietly said. He thought for a minute. He recalled an American movie he once seen, a movie about some male witches that referred to their magic as a book of shadows. He couldn't believe he found her magic book. He pushed it open, the first few chapters were in different languages, the way her journal was but as he kept going, it changed to Korean. There were spells on how to create fire, to teleport, to make it rain, it went on and on. He finally came to the spell that made things small. He was so excited that he didn't hear the little girl come back into the room until he heard her calling out for him to come out of hiding. "You win, where ever you are!" she said but didn't hear anything. She was sure he was in there somewhere. She looked everywhere, "BaekHyun, where are you?" Baek stayed still. He didn't want to leave his finding behind. When she couldn't find him, she left again. He quickly read what the spell said, wondering if he could do it. He closed his eyes and repeated the words to make objects small while holding the book tightly in his little hands. When he opened his eyes, the book had shrunk and was sitting comfortably in his hands. His heart was beating fast and hard, he had done it. He quickly closed it and stuffed it into the back of his pants. He tightened his belt so that it wouldn't fall out. He pushed the other book off the shelf, it landed with a loud thump. The little girl came running in, she looked at the fallen book and then up. Baek stood smiling at her, waving. "There you are!"

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