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so I got YiXuan as my bully, it's totally cause he wants me.

So I think this is way of getting revenge on what I commented on@MadAndrea card.

So his bullying makes sense, it's cause I have gum and he has hot ass breath and I keep saying no he can't have any of my gum so he bully's me. (I'm just joking guys don't take any offense please)

And not only does Mr.BadNews gets me in trouble he wants my homework too, well wise guy I barely do my homework so..yeah lol.

Dude why are you sleeping?!? If I can't sleep then for sure as heck your not sleeping either.

How the hell are you sleeping in class yet also cutting class and a no show?....wait is it cause I'm not letting you sleep in class ??

This is why you won't be sleeping cause your my bff and if I ain't sleeping you ain't sleeping...which is why you cut class to sleep at the library.

So me, my bro, and Yibo walk home together lol ah my brother the third wheel.

Omg thanks bae lol I wonder what would he actually write?

Um....so you get me in trouble,then you ask me to let you copy non-existing answer, and yet you want to get our groove on?! WenHan why do play me like that??

so I hope you enjoyed my stupid responses lol enjoy this derping cat *meow*

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