Pokemon: The Origin is coming out!

Dengeki Online recently revealed that a new Pokemon anime had been green-lit. The new anime is to be titled Pokemon: The Origin and is slated to directly adapt the original two Pokemon video-games, Pokemon Red and Green. Over the course of a 24 hour period, news of Pokemon: The Origin had just about broken the internet, it began to trend on twitter and it became one of the hottest topics among anime fans, with many fans of the video-games proclaiming it to be the Pokemon anime they always wanted. The Pokemon anime we have seen over the past 15 years has been based somewhat loosely on the games, starring a different protagonist and taking liberties with the world and characters from that which is described in the games. So it came as a pleasant surprise to see that Pokemon: The Origin appears to be far more faithful to the games than anything seen in the original Pokemon anime. While it is certainly great to see something like Pokemon: The Origin, it does come with the unfortunate news that it will simply be a one-off special rather than a fully fledged anime series. Fans can however hope that the special does well enough to perhaps get some people talking about potentially extending it into a full series, although it is unfortunately unlikely that that will happen.

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