My thoughts of the Week #4! 😅

Well Good Hello Everyone! Daly here =^-^= As I said before, This is where I will be summarizing my KPop thoughts of the week. Whether it be memes I've seen, videos, or dramas; It will vary by week. I think I will do 3-5 topics a week! If you are interested in being tagged comment below and I will create a tag list! Also, sorry for being a little late for his week! I really wish I was on time lol

1. Derp Faces!

I live for derp faces lol honestly, I wish my derp faces were as nice as these I always end up with like 4 chins and like my cheeks make my eyes disappear lol

2. Video #1

Min Yoongi! You adorable, adorable human being! I really can't with him sometimes. I love how he is as a person. I love how happy he is here. I wish he will be this happy for many more times to come.

3. Video #2

I cannot get enough of this! Red Velvet is awesome! I love the energy that they put no matter how much they were struggling. It also made me realize that idols go through a lot just for the entertainment of the fans... I know many other idols have done this now too but Red Velvet always stood out to me when they did this. Honestly, I came late to the Red Velvet game but I'm happy I finally made it lol

That's my weekly round up y'all ! I hope you like my insight and opinions on these! See y'all next week!

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Hope y'all had a good Sunday! 😊✌🏽️

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