@the gym while the AOMG guys are down the street....sigh..

so it seems this weekend all the k-rappers decided to come to my neighborhood! I'm dying inside because I didn't go to any shows. ziont, kush, gil, mad clown, dok2, the quiett, gray and Simon d are all here for the SMTM concert.

then we have dj pumkin, dj wegun, and ugly duck for the backnforth show

I'm watching their instagram stories from the gym and realized they're staying at the hotel 2-3 blocks from here lol oh the temptation!

on top of that I know reddy, g2 and paloalto are also here for reddy's show. Any other time I would've gone to all the shows but with my trip to Korea being 23 days away, I couldn't afford to spend so much money....

I got into kpop thanks to 2ne1. I'm a YG stan. I love Big Bang! Also like Block B especially Zico, Crush, Zion T, Dean, Babylon. AOMG is life especially Jay Park and Simon D. Oh and Mamamoo!
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