Kookie Monster Part 56


Saturday night Sarah convinced Jenni to go to the Movies with her. Sarah needed a bit of space from the guys. She was still worried that things would turn out badly for them if they were caught dating. "What movie are we going to see?" Jenni asked "Bad Moms" "Oh yay! I've been wanting to see that one for a while now." "Same here and I figure before it leaves theaters we should go see it." Sarah said as they were walking into the theater. Sarah paid for the tickets and the girls went into the specified theater. They picked a spot in the middle of the theater. Finally after a few minutes the previews started. One preview started and Sarah turned to Jenni. "I bet this is a preview for Beauty and the Beast." "I don’t think so." "Alright if I'm right you need to buy me a drink." Sarah said with a smile on her face. "Ok deal." right after the shook on it some music played and Sarah started dancing in her seat. "I won, I get a free drink." "How do you know already? It hasn’t even shown anything but a castle?" "The music, I know my beauty and the beast stuff. It is my favorite Disney Movie." "But….I thought it was a cartoon….." "It’s the live action… you know they started doing live action of Disney classics." "Oh yea they did. I can't believe I forgot that." "Ha I know wait till they do lion king." Sarah said jokingly "Are they really going to do a live action of lion king? Isn't that dangerous?" Jenni said causing sarah to bust up laughing. "I was joking Jenni they won't ever do a live action of the lion king." Jenni playfully hit sarah on the arm and they continued to go through the previews and making comments. Finally the movie started and the girls kept laughing and enjoying the movie. When the movie ended they waited till it was empty and then left. "Oh man that guys body was…..holy hell" Sarah said placing her hands on her cheeks "Sarah you have a boyfriend don’t think like that." Jenni said pushing her friend "Ahh I'm allowed to look at other guys….well only like that in a movie." "Which reminds me why are you still avoiding Kookie?" Jenni asked "I'm not avoiding him." Sarah said "Yes you are. He wanted to come to the movies with us but you were insistent on just us going." "Is it wrong to just want to spend time with my bestie?" "No but it's weird that he had time and you didn’t jump on spending time with him." "I….We don’t need to spend every available time together do we?" Sarah knew Jenni knew what was happening in Sarah's head. "Sure I guess not." "Ok I know it's not super late but I'm tired. I'm going to head home. How about you?" Sarah asked "I'm going to go see Namjoon." "Alright I'll see you " Sarah and Jenni went their separate ways. Jenni went over to the dorm and let herself in. She said hello to the guys that were in the living room as she made her way to Namjoon's room. When she opened the door Namjoon wasn't in there but Kookie was. "Hey Jenni." Kookie said to her. "Hey." "Is Sarah with you?" He asked with a smile growing on his face. "No she went home." "What! Why?" "I think she's just trying to get over some rude comments from the show the other day." Jenni said to him "Rude comments?" "Oh um….never mind. I Suggest you go to Sarah she needs you more than she is letting on." Jenni said taking her key off her keychain and handing it to him. He grabbed his jacket off the back of his chair and ran out of the room. Jenni went out to the living room and sat next to Jhope. "Hey Buddy." She said to him patting his head. "Hey what's going on with Sarah Noona." "Wow haven't heard Noona from you in a long time." Jenni laughed "Um, she'll be fine after some Kookie time. I'm sure of it." "That's good, She was acting weird yesterday and today." "I'm glad you noticed too." Tae said "Yea She's just fighting some…..I'll say demons right now." "Why do you say that?" Yoongi said turning to look at Jenni. "Just some stuff she had to deal with, Me I got over it. I don’t care about it while Sarah is thinking about you guys being hurt by her…. Joonie! Joonie!Joonie!!!" Jenni said jumping off the couch and going to Namjoon. MEANWHILE….. Sarah was back at the apartment and she figured the best way to get rid of the stress she was feeling was to listen to her IPod. She put her ear buds in and blasted her music. After the first song she was energized. Monster came on by EXO and she started singing and dancing around and doing parts of the dance she knew. She would giggle at herself. She finally had gotten Just One Day by BTS her favorite song by them. She was singing and Dancing to the song when she was singing Tae and Rap monsters part arms went around her and she screamed and elbowed whoever it was in the stomach. She spun around and pulled the headphones out. "Oh my gosh Kookie I'm so Sorry." "It's ok, I should have expected that reaction from scaring you." He said rubbing his stomach. After a few seconds he stood straight. "Are you sure you're ok?" "Yes, But I got to admit…..Do you know how sexy it is to see your girlfriend singing and dancing to one of your songs?" "Is it sexy?" Sarah smiled "Very." He said and closed the distance between them and kissed her. They pulled apart for a second. "Let's go to my room, I don’t want Jenni to walk in on us out here." With that he swooped her up and carried her to her room. After their little fun time they were just lying in bed cuddling. Sarah felt way better being next to Kookie, it made her forget about all the horrible things she kept reading.

Sunday morning came all too quickly. Kookie woke up before Sarah and had to leave. He kissed her forehead and started to leave. "Koookie." Sarah whined getting up, and letting the blanket fall off of her. "Sarah, you are trying to tempt me this morning aren't you." He smirked walking back over to her. She looked down. "Ahh sorry." She said and pulled the blanket back over her chest to cover herself up. "I wish I had more time this morning to spend with you." he said kissing her lips. "Work?" "Yup we are practicing for several things now." "Ok well have a good day at work." "I love you tigress." he said with a smile and left. Sarah was happy and laid back down on her bed. She knew what she had to do about the comments on their page. On Monday she would take care of it and then let Kookie know what had happened. She didn’t want to keep this a secret from him but she wanted to deal with it first so he didn’t feel any burden over it. Sarah fell back asleep but woke up to Jenni busting into her room. "Oh Kookie isn't here?" Jenni asked as Sarah tried to stay covered. She didn’t think about getting dressed before falling back to sleep earlier. "Yea he left awhile back, said he had work." "Yeah Namjoon didn’t leave his place till like 30 minutes after the others left." "Oh did you guys have you time?" Sarah smiled" "Yes, Yes we did." "Ha good for you. Now can you leave so I can get dressed?" "Your naked?" "Yup, I didn’t get dressed after last night." "Ahh, I'm leaving, but hurry up so we can go to this sheep café or whatever it's called." Jenni said leaving the room. Sarah quickly got dressed and then they left and went to the café. "Oh my are these goats?" Jenni asked looking at the animals. "I actually think they are sheep." "Ok well this is weird but let's go." Jenni said walking into the café. The girls got some coffee and a bit of food and went and sat down by a window. They chatted about several things and then they started petting the sheep. Sarah was so happy with how fluffy they were. The girls each took a picture with the sheep and then left. "That was better than I thought it was going to be." Jenni said "Yea I agree." "They were so fluffy!!!!" "Ha I know" "Can we have a sheep as a pet?" Jenni asked "No… we don’t have a barn." "Neither did they." Jenni said pouting. "I'm sure a farmer brings them there daily." Sarah said trying to be logical. "Oh oh I know what we are going to talk about in the morning." Jenni said jumping up and down. "What sheep?" "Sort of." She laughed The girls went to the last day of Hip Hop class and thankfully there were no incidents, after the class the girls went home. The rest of the day they watched dramas and went to bed early. 3 am came fast and the girls went to the studio. Sarah got a twitter notification from BTS. She clicked on it and saw a picture of Kookie's face. She clicked on the YouTube link and watched the video that played. She covered her mouth as she watched her boyfriend on the screen and when he started crying Sarah started getting teary eyed. It ended and she turned to jenni who was just staring at her. "What the hell was that?" Sarah asked and called Kookie up. "Want to explain what was just dropped?" "Oh you know a random drop of information." "KOOKIE!" "Ok it’s a trailer for our upcoming comeback." "Already?" "Well we only have a few months left of the year and we plan on dropping it before the year is over, and it will be a full album." "Are you serious????" "Yup." She squealed in excitement. "I am really excited but I wish you guys would just rest!" "We can rest when we are dead." "Kookie don’t say that, you need to rest well now so you don’t get sick. "Ok, I'll tell you what I will rest well when I can but if I get sick you need to come and take care of me." "Well isn't that a given? I am your girlfriend." "Ok good. Now have a good day at work." He said and they said goodbye and hung up. "Good Morning! This is Diamond screaming at you early this morning." Sarah started laughing "You're not really screaming." Jenni said "Well I want to pretend I am." "Yea yeah, and this is Ruby. So this weekend has been super fun. We took a hip hop class this weekend, went to the movies and went to a sheep café." Jenni said "Yea it was really fun. Now before we get to into what happened this weekend I wanted to address something." Sarah grabbed the mic and moved it closer to her. "Now over the weekend I read a lot of mean comments. Most of them were directed at me over how I was acting on the air on Thursday. I'm sorry if I upset many of you but, I'm going to burst your bubbles. I am very close with Kookie, We are friends and I'm not going to end a friendship because fans of Kookie's don’t like the idea of him dating. If Kookie were to actually want to date me, well that would be the best thing to ever happen to me, but that is all his choice. If you can't support him having a relationship then what kind of fan are you. This goes for any Kpop idol group. If they decide to start dating, they don’t want to upset there fans but they are human." Sarah took a deep breath. Before continuing. "You can't expect them to be alone the rest of their lives. They have the right to love someone and want a future with them." "Agree, I saw many comments on our website that were just cruel. You don’t realize what kind of mental issues can come from reading those kinds of things. Thankfully we are big girls and don't really care what mean comments are said, but if you only have mean things to say please don’t comment on our website. We don’t need negativity on it." Jenni added in. "Alright then now that we got that off our chest. Off we go to listen to a few songs then well be back to share some information." Sarah said and hit a button. "Wow good job sarah." Jenni said with a smile. "Thanks, I was sick of feeling like shit because of being with Kookie, I love him and don’t want him to worry about me. Plus now that I addressed this I can tell him about it and not worry about him doing something." Sarah laughed "Ahh so that's why you didn’t tell him." "right I wanted to handle this on my own. I am a big girl you know." "Alright we are back, Oh did you guys see the first short film by BTS this morning. Oh my gosh slayed me on this morning. Like these guys suck! And his voice. I'm so excited for this comeback" "Ha ok so back onto topic about this weekend. so we went to a hip hop class over the weekend and guess what, I didn’t trip over myself…much the dance instructed had it out for us the 2nd day, it was kind of funny." Jenni said making sure to get Sarah back on track. "Right, but I will say the best thing this weekend was the sheep." "Yes I want a pet sheep now. Ba ba black sheep have you any wool...." Both girls started laughing. "Ruby we talked about this, we can't have a sheep in our apartment." "I still think we can, that café doesn’t have a barn attached to it." "I'm telling you a farmer drops them off in the morning and then picks them up after they are closed." "Well I don’t care we need a pet." "Oh fine get a pet but it has to be one that is left in a cage. And NO RATS" "Why would you think I'd want a rat?" "I don’t know your weird" Sarah laughed There was a knock on the window. "Oh is it time already. Alright we will leave you guys with a song and we will see you back here at noon." Jenni said and played One shot by beast. The girls walked out of the studio. "Hey girls I know it's not Wednesday but we have some special guests coming on this afternoon." "Oh really who?" Jenni asked "F(x)" Bosman said "YES!!!! Amber will be here, I can give her a tiger… Wait a second." Sarah pulled out her phone and opened up her snapchat and clicked on Ambers story. "You follow her on snapchat?" Jenni asked "Of course. Oh my gosh F(X) has been around for 7 years!" Sarah said excitedly. "Yea for their 7 year anniversary they set it up to come on here. Amber said lots of good things about you two from Kcon." "Wow at least she wasn’t scared and running away from us." Jenni said with a laugh. "Alright we will go get prepared for this afternoon." Sarah said and started pushing Jenni out the door. Standing by the door to the building was none other than Kookie and Namjoon. Sarah smiled and Ran to Kookie jumping onto him and hugging him and putting her legs around him as he hugged he back while laughing. "Is my tigress feeling better after letting it all out on air?" Kookie said into her ear. "Yup, I handled it on my own and am stronger now." She kissed his cheek. He finally set her down. "I'm still going to say something, No way in hell am I going to let my fans treat you like that." He said grabbing her hand and leading her out the door. "Joonie." Jenni said throwing her arms around him. "Hey panda." He said kissing her cheek. "Hehe I like you calling me that." she giggled "I'm glad lets go get some coffee before I have to go back." He said following Sarah and Kookie out of the building.

The girls headed back to the studio around 11:30 they were excited to have F(x) on their show. When they got to the studio they started to set up. "Hello everyone! Happy Monday, We hope everyone's start to the week is going great. We have some amazing news. Ruby do you want to share it?" Sarah said looking at Jenni "Of course I would Diamond, Today even though it isn't Wednesday we are having a group on today. It is a special day for the group and we are just so lucky that they wanted to come on." "I am still shocked, I thought we would have scared her away, we were crazy at Kcon." "I know, but you are very lucky because now you can give her along with the other members a Tiger, if they want it" Jenni said laughing "Gosh when are they coming? I'm so excited." Sarah did a happy dance in her seat. "Well not till 1 so we have an hour to fill before they come." Jenni said and then she went into share some news, and weather and then played some songs. By the time the songs were over the girls were waiting outside the studio. "Alright is everyone ready for our guests. I know we are." Sarah said and waved the girls in. They walked in and as they did Sarah started singing the chorus of 4 walls. "Sorry I couldn’t help myself" Sarah laughed "Welcome ladies!" Jenni said "Thank you for coming. If you guys couldn’t guess by my horrible singing, The ladies of F(x) are in the room." Sarah hit a button that made the clapping sound effect. "Alright ladies let's start this off with you all introducing yourselves for those who don’t know you. "Hello I'm Krystal and I'm the maknae of the group." "Hi I'm Luna" "I'm Victoria and I'm the leader of the group." "Hi, I'm Amber" "And most of our listeners already know that we met Amber at Kcon LA" Jenni added in after the intros. "Yeah, You two stood out." Amber said with a laugh, " It was the panda" "Panda!" Jenni said laughing "Amber you are seriously…. Amazing! I have something for you." Sarah said and set a Tiger in front of her. "What's this for?" She asked taking it. "Now you can decided what team you want to be a part of. Tiger or Panda" Sarah said with a smile. "Alright let's ask the other ladies of the group." Jenni turned to Krystal. "Tiger or Panda?" "What is this for?" she asked with a confused look on her face. "Oh we are starting an Army to fight each other" sarah said with a smile "Um Tiger." Krystal said and sarah handed her a Tiger. "Hi five!" she said and Krystal hi fived her. "Ok Luna?" "Panda, they are so freaking cute." She said holding her hands out to accept a panda from Jenni. "Alright Victoria what do you choose?" Sarah asked "I'm going to go with Panda as well." "Ha I'm winning here Diamond." Jenni said handing Victoria a panda. "Amberrrrrrr" Sarah whined to her "Diamond aren't you older than her? You probably shouldn't be whining like a kid." Jenni said laughing "Shh I am not older than Amber…..am I? Amber how old are you?" Sarah asked "I'm 24" "Oh my gosh I am older. Wait how old are the rest of you?" Sarah looked at them. "I'm the oldest I'm 30" Victoria said. "Oh yay I have an Unnie! Finally!" Sarah said clapping her hands together. "Unnie" Jenni joins in. "I'm 22" Krystal said "I'm 25." Luna said "How old was Sulli?" Sarah asked "She was 23" Victoria answered "Oh my gosh, you guys are like building up 22,23,24,25 and then a jump to 30, so because you’re the oldest is why you are the leader." "Yea there is a big age difference." Victoria said "Hey age is just a number, me and my boyfriend have a big age gap but we don’t care" Sarah said patting Victoria's back. "Hey, wait before we totally forget to get an answer… Amber." Jenni turned to her. "Tiger or Panda." "I'm sorry Ruby I'm going with Tiger I really like them." "YAY!" Sarah jumped out of her seat. "Boo." Jenni said "I got my Bias…wait am I aloud to have a bias of a female group?" Sarah asked "I don’t see why not?" Krystal said "Alright…although I don’t know if that is weird or not…but I am weird so….alrighty…. Ok Ruby take us away on questions." Sarah said sitting down trying to calm down and stop acting like a clown. The girls just laughed. "Alright let's take a break first and then we will start with questions and then maybe if we have time a game." Jenni said "YAY I love games!!!" They came back from break. "OH MY GOSH BEFORE I FORGET! HAPPY 7 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! For those who don't know this is F(x)'s 7 year anniversary since they debuted. I'm so excited they are here." Sarah said "Ha yes that is why they are here, to be awesome and do something on their anniversary." Jenni said and then started asking questions "Alright first question what is your ideal type?" "Now We know Krystal is dating Kai from EXO and what I read was that you would pick someone who is uglier than you so he doesn’t have a lot of fans and girls stalking you guys on dates." "Yeah that's what I said, but …." she was cut off by Jenni "Woah! Kai is not Ugly at all! HE is my Bias!" Jenni said with a shocked face "Are you going to stalk us now?" Krystal asked all serious "What? No! I'm with someone else, I just like Kai as my bias. I'm not that crazy to follow you guys around." "I find this funny." Sarah was laughing at this exchange. "I changed my ideal type obviously." Krystal added "Ok so what about you other girls." Jenni looked at the other girls "My ideal type is someone who is dedicated to their work, loves music and knows how to value it , and has a job like me." Luna said "I just want a guy who is taller than me." Victoria said. "And for me I look for a guy who is cool but cute when he smiles." Amber said "A nice variety, it seems like it would be hard for you all to fall in love with the same guy right?" Sarah said "Yea unless he had all the qualities all in one." "Oh I have a question" Jenni popped in "What's that Ruby?" "Alright Heels or Sneakers" Krystal and Amber said sneakers While Luna and Victoria said heels. "Are you guys having a comeback this year?" Sarah asked "We are working on some things now but we hope to get something out before the year ends." Victoria said Then they asked a few more questions and then took a break. When they came back they played a game with the girls which was guess there song within 10 seconds and as the game went on went down to 5 seconds. They all did really good at getting the songs right. Then it was time for them to leave. They said goodbye to the listeners and then the girls played the song 4 walls and then they went to talk to them. "Thank you for coming, I know we are really crazy but we hope you had fun." Jenni said "We had a lot of fun." Amber said smiling. "This may be weird but can we get your numbers? So we can hang out? WE need more friends that are girls." Jenni said "Yea we want to be friends." Sarah said grabbing onto Krystal's arm. "Ha, I'm ok with it." She said and they all quickly exchanged numbers and then the girls said goodbye and went back to the room to finish up the rest of their show.


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