Does He Really feel anything for her?

Alice: Hello guys...back with some news Juvia re lives and why is Gray so upset!!

ALICE: Gray is mad and went out for revenge,yet as he fight he had a purpose for it more than before. And that was for Juvia.

Alice: As he said you stole away Juvia's future right from under her? What could this have meant could he mean that he loved her equally and thought about "their future together" once he wins we see a scene where he looks like he's crying for what he lost none other than Juvia.

Alice:But....JUVIA RELIVED from Wendy as mostly some predicted that would happen somehow...Gray on the other hand doesn't know yet,but there is something that get me well some other too maybe! Juvia says, "Just as Juvia was losing consciousness, she felt the sensation of being kissed by Gray-sama" even if Carla said she delusion could he have actually kissed her,but no scene showed he actually did yet. or she did delusion it?? yet gray said to Invel that he could punch him day in, night out, but nothing could bring her back to him. and that the end...till chapter 501 this is Alice saying bye till next time.



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