He Was Yours & Always Yours. Jonghyun Oneshot

HEEYYYAAAA! I'm new to this app! This is my first day ever on it! I don't know why but I felt like writing so here we go! Hopefully you like it so much you can't help but "Replay" it! "Noona neomu yeppeo!" -_- Ok I'll stop with the lame joke. On to the story!!! ------>

The feeling of a warm breath tickled the back of your neck and a smile was brought to your lips as you sighed unconsciously. A muscular arm was wrapped tightly around your tiny waist and the smell of cologne assaulted your nostrils. Slowly you wiped the sleep out of your eyes and were met the familiar scenery of your bedroom. Suddenly the memories from last night came back to you that you and Jonghyun had........

KISSED?!? Panic stricken you quickly turn over to look at the man who had you in his strong arms. Jonghyun's charming eyes that you had fallen in love with were closed tightly, his breath was steady in slumber, and his legs were entangled with yours. You were held so closely to his bare chest that it was a little difficult to breath but that didn't matter. After being bestfriends for nearly 5 years you had finally done the deed..... You had confessed your long hidden away feelings for Jonghyun. THE Kim Jonghyun who everyone admired and was sought after by every girl to have had come in contact with him. He was all yours now and will always be.

The next few moments were taken to examine his beautiful face. His full lips moved every time he took a breath and you blushed crimson at the sight of those beautiful pieces of flesh that consumed your own last night with such passion. His adorable nose would scrunch up and his brow would twitch every now and again to signal Jonghyun was having a dream. The adorable antics were too much and you couldn't stop yourself from kissing him softly in hopes that this wasnt just a dream and that he wouldn't vanish into thin air after you awoke. After confirmming he wasn't a fragment of your imagination, you slowly and reluctantly pulled yourself away from his lips. Before your lips could be completely disconnected, you were pulled back in. Jonghyun's hand held the back of your neck in place so he could ravish those beautiful lips that he had waited so long to finally claim. Time stopped and it felt like your heart was about to burst out of your chest. "Well what a way to be woken up in the morning. I hope this will become a regular thing." THE END!!!

Major BTS and SHINee stan! They couldn't be anymore different but they are both dear to my heart!
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