BTOB my spirit animal

This video popped up in my news feed today. Watching BTOB members goof off is the best thing since sliced pie.

Yes I referenced pie, that sounds super yummy right about now...

Watch as BTOB lets loose, Changsub let loose, and goofs off with quirky dance moves and just being, themselves.

I have supplied you with another two videos of them doing ads. This one had me laughing so hard. I want to screen shot every frame and print the pictures just so I can have them on my wall.

Not much wall space left, I'll make room for you BTOB.

This ad is from a year back. Look how hard they are posing. Nope just kidding still a bunch of goof balls. I've watched a lot of groups in front of a camera, but none can compare to how BTOB act. This is natural to them, what you see on camera is the same them off camera. They truly are my spirit animal's. Now to name them all...heehee







My life has been ruined by Kang Daniel.
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