A Little EXO - Part 10

"That was fun, can we play it again later?" the little girl asked. Baek sat next to Jongdae, grinning hard about his discovery. Jongdae looked at him curiously, Baek just nodded his head like he was answering an unheard question. Jongdae gave him a weird look. "What's up with you?" Jongdae finally asked. "oh, nothing, just looking forward to going home later is all." he smiled happily. Sehun was jumping up and down trying to get the woman's attention every time she came into the room. She finally stopped. "Ahjumma, Ahjumma!" He was yelling swinging his arms over his head. "Yes Mr. Oh SeHun, is there something you need?" she asked. "If you make me big, I can help you! Please?" Sehun said, trying to be cute. Chan jumped up, wrapped his arm around Sehun's neck and wrestled him to the ground, "Stop talking nonsense!" The others all came and piled on top of them. They all rolled around trying to keep each other down, especially Sehun. While they were playing, she told her granddaughter to go upstairs and change her clothes. When she heard the bedroom door close, she sat down at the table and swept them in toward herself, like someone pulling their poker chips towards them. They all straightened up at once. "It feels strange doing that," she laughed a little, "I want to tell you gentlemen, thank you from the bottom of my heart. After her parents died, she was so sad. I started doing this to cheer her up but now she's getting old enough that she's starting to remember it. Before it was easy, she didn't remember but slowly over years, she thought it was a dream. You're her favorite group, so this is an excellent ending." She said sincerely. Yixing scooted forward and touched her hand, "It was a shock at first but it got better. It was a fun day, for me it was..." He looked back at the other guys. The all nodded. "It was a bit shocking." Kyungsoo said. "Yes, I'm sorry. I'll try to take you back to your home. I would've taken you guys from there as well but your schedule changed at the last minute. And quite frankly, I don't like putting things off." she smiled. "Before, you said you couldn't tell us anything. You seem to have changed your mind." Jongin said as he helped put everything in place, "Won't we remember what you tell us?" The woman laughed, "I just said that to keep you from asking too many questions. If you do remember, it'll only feel like a dream. But that urge to find out the truth is real, so hopefully you won't remember." "But what if we want to remember? I mean this is quite an experience." Xiumin asked, Jongdae elbowed him and reminded him of the cat, "And what about the cat?" "Ummm, that's complicated. He wouldn't stop bothering me about it, so as punishment I turned him into a cat." She said after thinking about how foolish it was but at the time..."He was one of the first. Before him I mostly tried inanimate objects, he was the first human I turned small." The little girl came running back down, dressed in her pretty party dress. All the guys complimented her and they started the birthday party. Unknowing when they were going to go back or how it was going to happen, they followed the little girl back to her room. They sat talking to her, asking her about school, if she has friends, what kind stuff she likes. As the evening went on, one by one they got tired and would fall asleep. Baek was the only one that had noticed, he heard her grandma singing from downstairs. She was singing that same song he heard that night before. Pretty soon even his eyes got heavy, he yawned and curled up next to Junmyeon. A dream ensued. They were sitting by the lake again, watching the sun go down. Baek laid back on the grass and was staring at the stars shining brightly over head. "I wish I could stay here. It's so pretty here." he said lulling at the little twinkling lights. "It is." he heard Junmyeon say. Then he heard Sehun giggling, "Where did that pretty lady go?" Baek felt like his body was lifting off the ground, pretty soon he was floating among the stars. Just as he was about to take off, he felt someone shaking him and he heard a voice pulling him back down. He reached out for the stars, trying to grab them... His eyes opened. Their manager was hanging over him, shaking him to wake up. "BaekHyun, Byun BaekHyun... Are you okay?" the manager asked. Baek rubbed his eyes and sat up., "Are you okay? Where the hell have you guys been?" Baek was about to say but his mind went blank. He thought and thought but he couldn't recall. He shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know... I don't remember." The manager gave him a strange look and went to get the others up. When everyone was up, the manager loaded them onto their van. No one said nothing, they sat quietly all the way back home.

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