I felt like doing JJP❤OTP when I saw these Vids on IG..

Here is JB showing off on stage almightly dancing , all fans going crazy screaming his name while he is getting all hooked on his dance. Its time to leave already but he doesn't want to leave.

JinYoung looking at JB with his sarcastic smile making believe so no one figures out whats he's actually thinking.. J: hahahaa...look at him.. he is having fun right? who does he think he is? omg!! these girls are driving me crazy!! I cant stand all the screaming calling his name!! Ok Thats it I am dragging him out of here..ok wait I cant do it alone.. he is too strong for me.. plus what if he gets all mad in fromt of the fans.. no, no, no. let me get one of the kids to help me out.. He won't act out in front of the kids.. you know? been such a role model and all for his chindren.. Okay so who do I get to help me?.. Jackson? No he is hurt right now..oh Damn?!. okay, Mark then..Naah is his birthday he is having fun..Yugyeom? aah..he is getting all rated R over there with those girls on stage..ugh!...I need to get him off stage like ASAP!! ooooh fine I get BamBam..

J: BamBam Honey!? BB: Yes Eomma.. J: Baby, we need to go get you Father now! BB: But eomma! go get him yourself...Iam playing with my friends right now J: Oh come on lets go.. says Jinyoung as he drags BamBam with him.. J: we need to get him out of here even if we have to drag him out.. BB: But what if he gets up set? are you gonna save me? J: dont worry..come on take him on that side I take him on the other side and we dragg him ok BB: Ok Eomma, but you promise that you will save me..

J: Ok , yeah on that side BamBam , stronger Bammi stronger! JB: Hey!! let me go I don't wanna leave yet ..Iam having fun!! get off me! BB: Appa!?...I swear to GOD this is Eomma's idea ok.. JB: And you going along with it?? BB: OH MY GAAAAAWWWD!!? what can I do if I dont do what Eomma says then, I get punished!! JB: Smart pants you will get punished anyway? BB: Appa???! J: Bammi stop talking and pull him up now.. help me dear I Can't carry him by myself?

BB: Aappa!!?? stop playing..get up! GAAAAAWWWD!? this is sooooo embarrassing, Why does this things have to happen to me ??!! J: BamBam sweetheart stop whining and HELP ME GET YOUR GOD DANM FATHER UP AND OUT OF HERE!!!! NOW!! JB : You two better hide.. JinYoung looking at jb with a not so nice smile and a you better do what I say smile on his face..he says.. J: Oh shut up! you better get your *ss up before...you know how I get? right YEOBO? BB: AAISH!! Why do I have to go through this.. Get Yugyeom next time!! And they dragged JB through on the floor and out of stage..... END Check out the Links https://www.instagram.com/p/BJ-UoEQAJ85/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BJ_XrY6j5Rz/ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ IGOT7 TEAM & Community Supporters @luna1171@PrettieeEmm@VeronicaArtino @MaricelvaRomero@AaliyahNewbell@UnnieCakesAli@ManduBum @TaehyungV @twistedPuppy@JaeLayJooWonho ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ IGOT7s @LenaBlackRose@AimeeH@sarangseoltang @XionHeart@SharayahTodd @GDsGF@GenesisZiporrah@Gianlica  @kpopisnylife @punkpandabear@mbg3t @kpop14young  @GUMMYB34RZz @staceyholley @EmilySavage@EmilyGardner@HuonTreeRoo @ElizabethT@KpopRuinedMe2 @Exoexo@DestinyMcCauley @VKookie47 @TracyLynnn@WiviDemol@DeeNice@maddiedo@marisamusic@TaehyungV@H8rt4u@hmelodie @SusiBosshammer@MelaninMonroe@HaiErin @KatieRussell @xsandos17@VeronicaArtino @AnnieGoodman@adikiller@ArianaVenti@Isolate@amandamuska @AimeeH @AmbieB@Nikkitty@MYAlpha@RebeccaLondon@wondergirl  @themrshongki @namjoonswife@ninjamidori@NEOisRealo@nnatalieg@NerukaWong@NalaniCerteza@VictoriaBossier@vlargo@VixenViVi @JamiMilsap@JennieThor@YessicaCardenas@Ivethcrisoforo@RogueLeigh@lilbr0wneyes@AlysaNguyen @SHINee808@TerraToyaSi@twistedPuppy@JacksonWangxMe@Maddie27@AlexisRiver@EXOAsf  @TashiannaBostic@jazgaara33@CrystalGuerra@2Jaebam@NicoleFireRose@DonnaSearles@SkyBlast@EireneJoseph@SatinSkies@orchiofriend549 @MichelleMonroe @SugaMint@Helixx@kpopandkimchi@VatcheeAfandi99@TaraJenner@Izzy987@asinor@JasminRosaMcnin @DamarisCisneros @sarahdarwish @KpopandKdrama@PrincessUnicorn @StephersTaylor@amobigbang @bubblekookie@SaraHanna@PolarStar@SaraHanna@SheilaZaman@CallMeMsDragon@MrsJungHoseok@MelissaGarza@JaiiPanda@FromBlue2U@yeniyx23@Viresse @Izab3lla@tazneemhinnawi@Momina427@ElishaFisher@KoreanDramaMaMa@BabydollBre @MomoChamie@SilentPianist @SydneyLstrange@elainarenea @ChandraTorres@DesireeChucklez @funnelcakeboo@AJ2002@Chocolat09@reyestiny93@LinnyOk@AbbyRamey@SarahVanDorn@YasminChavez@IsoldaPazo@MandyNoona@mszmarclyne93@MelissaGarza@AbbyRoscoe@CyanJRincon@JacquelineTakas@Stephany123@Kyokeo@kpowell@angelicpsyche @DominiqueWhitak@SimplyAwkward @mycreativename @CLAKPOP@sherrysahar @Anjreyev@BangtansQueen  @amberg171997@FalseLove@otakukpoper @JordanShuler@Mavis2478@Kayto4@aleciaLOVES@BiasKpop @leilakyrsten @babymarkson@Emlina

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