NaLu Fluff Week!


Hello Fairy Tail Lovers and NaLu Shippers! This Week is NALU FLUFF WEEK!! As you guys may have noticed I have been posting amazing Fan Art from Artist who have been drawing art for this very week! If you guys are super into Nalu or love the art work so far I can tag you guys in future posts! (Because trust me I will be posting NaLu ALL WEEK xD) There will be art from these Amazing Artists! Such as...





And Many More!

The Prompt Are.....

Day 1 : Flowers! (Today 09/08/16) Day 2 : Starry Date (Tomorrow) Day 3 : Cuddling (09/10/16) Day 4 : Festival (09/11/16) Day 5 : Matching (09/12/16) Day 6 : Pregnancy (09/13/16) Day 7 : Family Life/Marriage (09/14/16)(BONUS! 09/15/16 AU! (Alternative Universe)

So if you would like to be tagged in these NaLu Fluff Week Posts Comment below!

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