How to control your sexual urges?

Hello everyone!Haven't you wondered what will happen if we just control our sexual urge?Well don't think it's impossible because it is possible. Every specie must mate and everyone does have sexual urge but one should know how to control it. At times we tend to regret about our previous night with our partner,though it might be amazing but sometime people do regret,I am writing this for those people. I don't say sex is bad,in fact it is great but some people like me tend to have mental street after having sex.This might be because either we are not that mature to handle it or frequent sex is not meant for us. One can easily control his/her sexual urge by obeying the following tips for one's mental relief: 1)Avoid things which turn you on:Checking out people,flirting and so on. 2)Find an appealing substitution:Watching pornography but not too much to turn you on. 3)Read:Read more articles and reports regarding this. In a nutshell,sex is a need which must be fulfilled but at the same time some people tend to over think and regret it.I would recommend have sex but have it with someone you won't regret later!

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