Best X-ray security Inspection Equipment for Sale

It is reported that a passenger tried to carry the distilled spirit to get through the Harbin airport. The passenger was seized by the security screeners and then transferred to the public security departments. The details are as follows:

The passenger was ready to take the flight from Harbin to Xi'an. When his baggage was detected by the X-ray airport baggage scan, the screeners found that there were two vials of liquid items. The passengers looked abnormal immediately. The passenger claimed that the items were bottles of cough syrup. However, the behavior had aroused the vigilance of the security screening officers. Finally, the security officers found the distilled spirit, which belongs to the dangerous items.

Many people don’t know why the distilled spirit is prohibited to be carried on board. Actually, the distilled spirit is not only the drink, but also flammable liquid. Once the distilled spirit caused fires on the aircraft, many lives will be in danger. Therefore, we need the X-ray security inspection equipment to find the potential dangers.

In addition to the X-ray baggage scanners, there are many other types of x-ray baggage scanners in the market. For example, handheld metal detectors are also important devices at the airports and railway stations. Handheld metal detectors are often used to detect whether there are prohibited items on the body of people. Many people have not been aware of the importance of the security inspection and try to carry the fruit knives and lighters on board. Therefore, X-ray baggage scanner is playing an important role.

In addition, the security doors are also important devices. When the passenger walks through the security doors, the security door can effectively find the metal objects like knives and guns and alarm immediately.

In order to buy high-quality X-ray security inspection equipment, we need to find the most professional security machine manufacturer. For example, as a security machine manufacturer which enjoys a high reputation is the good choice. If you are interested in X-ray security inspection equipment wholesale, you can pay a visit to

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