Give Thanks

They cast four anchors out of the stern, and wished for the day. It is well always to carry anchors with us. We do not know when our only safety will be in casting anchor. It may be in a business matter. It may be in a friendship. It may be in the drift of our life away from Christ. It may be in a feeling of anger – if we do not check it, it will carry us to some rash act, which we shall forever regret. In any time of uncertainty, we should throw out anchors and wait for light. Though God is guiding us, the human part must never be neglected. Paul had said not a life should be lost, yet here he says that if the sailors fled, the ship could not be saved. The cargo, tackling, and furniture had to be thrown out in order to save the ship. It often happens that the only way we can save our lives is to sacrifice possessions. One of the finest scenes in The Bible is that of Paul looking up to heaven and giving God thanks before he broke the bread on the storm–swept ship.

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