Park Hyung Shik and Lee Hyun Woo Are Handsome Autumn Men for “W Korea”

Two of Korea’s trending stars, ZE:A‘s Park Hyung Shik and actor Lee Hyun Woo got together for a photo shoot! The two stars, who have left strong impressions on “Real Men” and “Secretly and Greatly,” have become handsome and preppy men for “W Korea” magazine, which released two cuts on August 19. The photos show Park Hyung Shik and Lee Hyun Woo sporting items such as oxford shirts, thick knit sweaters, wool pants and other fall clothing. During the interview, Park Hyung Shik commented, “I feel like an arrow that has just been released from the bow.” When he was asked, “Aren’t you feeling overwhelmed or flustered,” he answered, “I’m really happy. I don’t think I can do anything else. I will continue to sing and act so thatI can discover my new potentials. So I want to challenge myself without stopping.” For Lee Hyun Woo’s interview, he was asked if he had any troubles or worries from transitioning to a child actor to an adult actor. He answered, “Not at all. Age is not important. I think it’s something that allows you to naturally pass to the next level as time goes by,” and “Instead of wanting to do just adult roles, I want to build up my filmography with projects and characters that I can portray the best.” Check out the photos from the photo shoot and the BTS cuts as well!

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