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I just wanted to get some other opinions about my ocs This is just a sketch of them so don't mind the trashy anatomy The eldest is Amariya and then her little brother Moka. Amariya is a bow in weapon form and before her brother was born, her user would have to use their own arrows or learn to use their soul wave lengths as arrows. When Moka was born it was discovered his weapon form was an endless supply of arrows made by his soul. Moka likes to wear a bee costume because they're his favorite creatures. Amariya's outfit is black and yellow with white accents Amariya is of the flirtatious nature but mainly for conning. She lives by herself with Moka and is often too lazy for a job, so she cheats and flirts her way out of full payment. Straight up steals things sometimes. A real Aladdin. Moka is a quiet but not shy kid, choosing to use his actions more than his words. He's rather stoic as well. Rarely showing emotions. Amariya worries about him, wondering why he never acts like the other children. However she doesn't try to push it and get an answer out of him. Together, the siblings hang around the outskirts of Death City. They don't exactly resent The DWMA but they don't want to join the program either. They haven't found a meister yet. They don't like anyone wielding them so far.

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