His Angel. Part 11: Ending

Sorry this took so long! This is the official ending of the book. I hope you guys enjoyed it 😄

The cold and dirty ground of my cell was covered in small rocks that hurt my hand, a chain was latched on to my foot, binding me to the brick wall, and the only light I saw was the small light Jimin put outside the cell. Yes this was hell. Jimin would only call me up once a day for a few hours and that's when I would really see the outside world through the windows. Well, really it was just a huge rocky area, blazing with fire and castles scattered everywhere where already Devils lived. Today was no different and soon I heard heavy footsteps and I knew it was that time of the day again. I saw the faint shape of Jungkook pulling out the keys and unlocked the cell door. He creaked the door open and came in, stopping in front of me to bend down and unlock the chain around my foot. The sudden coldness of his hands sent a shiver down my spine. "Sorry." He mumbled, looking miserable. I only nodded and let Jungkook helped me up and led me out. I had already mesmerized my way up so I didn't even bother looking around and kept my eyes on my bare feet completely defeated. Jungkook led me to the door to Jimin's room and I walked in. I saw Jimin was sitting on his office chair, doing who knows what, but when he saw me standing by the door he stopped and smiled, beckoning me to come closer. He didn't need his hypnosis to get me to walk over to him anymore because I basically did what he wanted without complaining now. Jimin stood up and met me about 3/4 of the way. He smiled bigger as I got closer and I gave him my best 'I hate you' look, before he bent down latched his lips onto mine, kissing me slowly and wrapping his hands around my waist. I didn't even close my eyes, but instead sighed internally. This is what he always did before he drank my blood. This was our 'hello.' His lips carefully trailed down my jawline and down my neck, and I waited for the familiar pain of his fangs sinking into me. Namjoon's POV My room was trashed still with the bed covers thrown everywhere, with pieces of paper and clothes scattered around all over the floor. I sat on the floor, my knees scrunched up, touching my forehand. I growled, punching the floor in frustration. I've forgotten something huge I know it. What could it be? I reluctantly grabbed my phone that was laying near me, and dialed a number quickly. This was my last resort. I was basically out of options and if the other members didn't know then I had no choice. A familiar male voice answered almost immediately. "Who is it." He asked abruptly. "Jackson, it's me." I responded flatly. I felt Jackson smirk through phone and I knew I caught his attention. Jackson's a well known guardian angel that is able to get anything people want, and even though I told myself I would never call him I had no choice I felt that what ever I was forgetting was big. "Namjoon, I never thought you said you wouldn't call me." He laughed. I narrowed my eyes at his annoying voice and cut him off. "Shut up and listen." "Oh, someone's mad. Well, what do you need?" I clenched my fist in anger at his stupid comment and bit back an insult. I needed him right now and if I made him mad he wouldn't get me it. "A halo." I said flatly. "Actually I need five." -one day later- I heard pounding at our front door and ran to answer it finding Jackson himself holding five halos in his hand. I moved aside to let him in and watched as he causally waltzed in. Jin,Taehyung,Hoseok came walking in a few seconds later l, hearing the knock, and widen their eyes at the sight of Jackson, casually,now,sitting in a chair. "What are you doing here?" Jin asked. Jackson smiled and lifted up the halos. "I'm on a job." Jin looked at me from the hallway and raised his eyebrows. "Halos? Do you know how illegal they are!" I raised my hand, singling him to calm down and walked over to Jackson. "I know, but I feel like something is wrong and I'm forgetting about something important." Jin looked infuriated and pulled back his hair in anger. "That's no reason to go and employ Jackson so you can get your hands on a weapon." He yelled. I narrowed my eyes and opened my hands so Jackson could give me a halo. "I'm not going to use it for its power. I'm only using one feature." Jin rolled his eyes and eyed the others in Jacksons hands. "And let me guess, those are for us?" I nodded. "Don't you think it's a little weird that we all seem like we're forgetting something?" I said, clutching the halo that was now in my hand. I saw all three of them shrug and shift a little uneasy on their feet. "I guess, but it's not as bad as you. We don't go and trash our rooms." Taehyung said flatly. "I'm just really stressed about he whole thing." I said, defending myself. "Can you just do me this one favor and put on the halo?" I asked. "Nothing is going to happen." Jin said confidently. I looked at all of them and saw they were all staring at me and nodded in agreement. I grabbed another halo and held it out. "Just trust me. We're forgetting about someone or something." Jin thought for a few minutes annoyed, but finally sighed, grabbing the round white object from my hand. "If we get caught you're taking the blame." Jin said, sternly looking at me. I gave him a small nod, agreeing and smiled internally at Jin and watched as Taehyung and Hoseok followed his lead and took a halo from Jackson. We all simultaneously put it on top of our heads and watched each other's halos rise slightly in the air and light up. The next few minutes were filled with out memories racing across our eyes as they were replied at light speed. Ara's POV It was night when Jimin let me go to my room for the day and I was worn out. All the blood he took today was starting to take a toller on my strength. Jungkook who was walking me back to my cell looked at me worriedly. "Are you alright?" He asked. I shook my head. "Why would you care anyway." I glared. Jungkook sighed and in the next second  lifted me up, holding me in his arms. "What are doing, I can walk." I yelled, trying horribly to hit him. Jungkook just looked ahead, not even fazed. "you're still my friend Ara, even though we kidnapped you." He spoke. "Ya, real friend you are." I cut. "It wasn't my idea. It was Jimin's." Jungkook swung the cell door open with his foot and casually walked in. "Well, that Jimin isn't my friend." I spit. Jungkook kneeled down  and sat me down on the cold floor. "He isn't mine either?" He suddenly harshly spoke, gritting his teeth. I looked up surprised and saw that his eyes were red. "What do you mean?" I asked. "I don't even recognize him anymore. The greed had totally taken over him." Jungkook mumbled, pulling my foot chain into his hand. I looked at him and was surprised at how sad he looked, despite being really angry. "I don't either." I whispered, now looking down at my dirty hands. Every since Jimin took me away a week ago I hadn't seen his mood swing back to the real Jimin. I was starting to think it was just my imagination. Jungkook suddenly held his head in frustration and groaned. "My head is spinning...." He groaned again, gritted his teeth. "The only reason Jimin doesn't use his mind control on me is that I've never failed him. If he finds out what I'm thinking he'll take control of my mind too. Just like Yoongi." I bent down a little and turned my head sideways, so I could look at his face. "What happened to Yoongi?" I asked. "Jimin made him into a killer." Jungkook whispered, still gritting his teeth, fangs showing and all. I just nodded back. "Nothing is going to happen to you, you're not doing anything that would make him question your loyalty." Jungkook only shook his head. "No. I am." I looked at him curiously as he raised his head, his eyes looking completely miserable as his taking something out of his jacket. "I want you to do me a favor. You need to kill Jimin." with that he handed me a silver stake. "Ha, I knew it." I suddenly heard someone sneer and Jungkook and I both stood up quickly, ready to run and looked at the person who had been spying on us. Jungkook bared his fangs violently as he stepped protectively in front of me. Namjoon's POV It was completely dark as we entered Jimin's house and I could tell that it looked the same as the last time I was here. The halos on our head made Jimin's mind control dull out and if I was right they would be holding Ara in the same place. The floor was soft with carpet as we walked slowly through the halls and I let my hands feel around, soon finding the familiar stair railing going down to the basement. As we walked down, I felt the scenery slowly changing into a concrete floor and ceiling, and the cold air whispered in my ear as the temperature went down slightly. However, as I neared the end I suddenly saw a light flicker around the corner and felt my heart race. This was giving us the first sight of light we've had since we got here and that only meant one thing: Ara. Why else would there be light in this dark forsaken place? I immediately picked up speed, but Jin grabbed my wrist, pulling me back. "Namjoon wait, we don't know for sure." I heard Jin whisper from behind me, freakily reading my mind. I just shook it off and went ahead. "I don't care, it's a start." I slowly turned the dark corner and immediately saw Ara hiding behind Jungkook as she watched Yoongi bare his fangs at them as his whole left arm blazed in fire. "What is it?" Taehyung asked curiously. I turned my head and made a motion to be quiet and pointed. The guys slowly cocked their head to get a better view, all us now watching the scene unfold. Ara's POV "What are you doing here?" Jungkook cut, his eyes blazing a deep red. Yoongi glared back him and growled. "Jimin sent me down here to get you since you were taking to long. He was worried you were doing something that you shouldn't. Guess he was right. " Yoongi laugh harshly and lit up his other arm. "Though, I guess this gives me to kill you now. I always wanted to see how hard it was killing a devil." I felt Jungkook stiffen in front of me. "Ara, listen to me." He quickly darted it his to the stairs only a few meters away. "I'm going to send you and Namjoon into Jimin's room. That's where I need you to kill him." He whispered. I widen my eyes and looked around. "Namjoon's here?" I spoke surprised. He actually came for me! Jungkook nodded. "He's hiding in the shadows around that corner." He nodded towards the stairwell that went up stairs. "How can you see that." I whispered, looking towards the stairs, hoping to see him. Jungkook didn't look at me and now kept his eyes on Yoongi who was smiling like a maniac and coming closer. "I can see through, transport, and move the shadows in any direction or form I want. It's my power from drinking angel blood." "I see." Jungkook smiled humorlessly "Don't worry, it doesn't hurt." I nodded and looked towards the stairwell. "I'm ready then." I clinched onto the silver stake in my hand and let go of Jungkook's shoulder. I heard Yoongi laugh and saw as he moved the fire on his arm down and made a fire ball in his hand. "Die!" Yoongi yelled, his eyes blazing a crimson as he laughed like a lunatic. Jungkook turned around took me by the shoulders and pushing me out of the way towards the stairs, just as the fire hit him. I took the push and ran for my life. I heard Yoongi yell as I ran and speculated it was aimed towards me for missing one of us. I felt hot air creep towards me and I turned my head a little to see what he was throwing at me and saw a wall of fire blazing after me. "Jungkook!" I yelled in panic as the fire quickly caught up with me, and felt the sparks touch my feet. I looked farther back and saw Jungkook covered in fire. "Ara!" He yelled, moving his hand outward. In the next minute I was over taken by the shadows and found myself in Jimin's room. - "Ok, what the he'll happened?" I heard Namjoon burst out. I turned my head and found a slight view of Namjoon standing a few feet away.  "Namjoon?" I whispered curiously. "Wait, Ara?" He said really surprised. "Ya, it's me." I smiled. "How the-" "sshhhhhh" I suddenly ran towards his voice, hearing footsteps, and pushed him out of the way just in time for the door to open, illuminating the room. Jimin turned on the lights and looked directly at us. "How did you get in here?" He asked flatly, obviously not fazed. Namjoon pulled me into his arms, making my blush internally, and glared at Jimin. "None of your business." He cut. This probably would not be the best time to tell either of them that Jungkook transported us here.... So, instead I gripped the silver stake at my side. I had been holding it this whole time. This was where Jungkook wanted me to kill Jimin. I guess it was now or never. I suddenly felt Namjoon's arm move and place something on my head. I looked up at him confused. "what did you just put on my head?" I asked. "A halo. It will protect you against Jimin's mind control." I nodded back and looked back at Jimin. "I need you to hold Jimin down for me." I said. Jimin smiled, hearing what I was said and cocking his head to the side, looking at my hand that was holding the stake. "Oh, so you think you can kill me?" He laughed harshly. "Shut up." I gripped the silver stake even harder and brought it in front of me. "A silver stake." He hummed confidently. Namjoon widen his eyes. "How did you get that?" He asked astonished. "Jungkook gave it to me." I replied simply, not averting my gaze from Jimin. "Jungkook did?" Jimin said, starting to walk slowly towards us. "Doesn't surprise me. He knows he can't kill me, so this must be the next best thing for him." "what do you mean?" I asked. "I gave each of them a silver stake just to test them, but made their mind spin if they thought of betraying me or killing me." Jimin said, his eyes lighting up a light red. Even if he didn't show it I could tell he was mad. "I have to kill you then. It's what Jimin asked me to do." Jimin laughed coldly. "You even remembered that, even after I brainwashed you so many times. I'm impressed." In the next second Jimin used his speed and sank his fangs into my shoulder. Pain immediately shot through my body, but in a blink of an eye Namjoon, used his own speed and tore Jimin off me and ran him into the nearest wall. Jimin strongly gripped both Namjoon's arms, hard, and bared his bloody fangs. "Don't ever touch her." Namjoon seethed, his eyes glowing a vibrate white. I didn't know Angels had super speed too....There's so much I don't know and yet I'm and angel. I stared at them, clutching my shoulder, blood seeping through my shoulder. Jimin instantly kneed Namjoon in the stomach and when he bent down in pain used the opportunity to use his speed to get out of punching width. Unfortunately it was right next to me. "Like this?" He growled and put an hand around my neck, ready to snap it. Namjoon was instantly at Jimin throat, using both hand to grip his neck. "Don't you dare." He threatened. Jimin smiled and cocked his head. "Don't think I won't." "You need her blood or else you die." Jimin smirk didn't faulted at the hard truth thrown, hitting him hard in the face. "You're right, but since we have a bond she will just be resurrected a few hours later. That gives me plenty of time to kill you." He laughed curtly. Namjoon sighed annoyingly and slowly let go of Jimin's neck, backing away, giving me enough room to move. I felt Jimin's hand lighten and move away from my neck, thinking that he had won. Ok, now or never I thought. In the same instant as Jimin's hand released my neck I lifted up the silver stake and watched Jimin looked at me expressionless from the corner of his eyes. Wait, why isn't he eating in fear. No later ha do thought that Jimin immediately elbowed Namjoon in the chest and then simultaneously grabbed my hand that was holding the stake, crushing the bones instantly as the steak was a few inches from his heart. I screamed in pain and looked up desperately at Jimin who was staring daggers at me, tears welling up in my eyes. "I didn't think you were serious." Jimin seethed. I breathed heavily, trying not scream out in pain again. "Namjoon..." I breathed harshly. Namjoon looked at me, but didn't do anything and he held his stomach with one arm. Jimin looked at the corner of my eye amused and smiled. "Don't want to kill me anymore?" He asked. "If I move you kill Ara. Am I right?" Namjoon asked, looking at me nervously. Jimin shrugged and nodded. "Pretty much." At the same moment I heard foot steps walking towards the door and we all looked curiously to see who it was. A hand tightly gripped the door frame and I heard someone laugh harshly. "No..." I whispered, sweat starting to roll down my forehead as I knew full well who it was. I saw Yoongi emerge as he hung on to to the door frame for dear life and pulled Jungkook by the coller behind him. Yoongi laughed again, letting his head hang with blood splattered on it and threw Jungkook's lifeless body into the room. I gasped and looked at the silver stake punctured in his chest, right where his heart should of been. I immediately dropped the stake in my hand in horror, and the room was filled with its clatter as it hit the ground. "How, how do he lose?" I whispered. Jimin smirked and let go of me. "Where are the others?" He asked. Yoongi smiled and stumbled into the room. "The traitor must of transported them out when I wasn't looking." "Then go find them and kill them." He demanded. Yoongi smiled even more, happy to be able to kill more people and disappeared out of the room. My broken arm hung heavily to my side as Jimin threw me into Namjoon forcefully and I winced in pain as Namjoon caught me, accidentally touching my broken hand. "Sorry." He mumbled, looking as Jimin walked over to Jungkook's dead body. Jimin cocked his head and kicked Jungkook's arm amusingly. "Hm, not much of a fight." Jimin said, pouting a little. All of a sudden Jungkook's body became completely dark, as on command, and melted into the floor like a Popsicle that's been left in the sun too long, becoming a shadow. In the next second another form of Jungkook emerged from the same shadow, grabbing the stake that haven't melted in the shadow and plunged the it into Jimin's heart. Jimin eyes widen in horror and fumbled back as he gripped Jungkook's hand, that was still holding the stake, and fell back. Jungkook immediately let go so he wouldn't be pulled down and looked as Jimin body laid there lifeless, his eyes still open. "Jungkook..." I mumbled surprised as I watched him stand over Jimin's body, breathing in large amounts of air. "I saw that he wasn't died yet through my shadow copy, so decided to act." He huffed, like it was totally normal that he was alive. I just stood there and looked at him. "Shadow copy?" I asked as Namjoon released me from his hold. "I thought you were dead!" Jungkook shook his head. "I was going to be, but Yoongi threw me back by the dark staircase, so I was able to make a replica of myself without him seeing and then transport myself into a different room before he stabbed me with the stake." "So, when you saw that Jimin was still alive through your shadow clone you came out of hiding?" Jungkook nodded. "I couldn't see if you were still alive or not because I was laying on the ground, so I just made the assumption that you couldn't kill him." "Oh" I mumbled half nearly, since it was absolutely true. I looked down at where Jimin was laying and saw that his eyes were almost completely gray. "He's almost died." I whispered to myself. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up, seeing Namjoon. "I didn't get to fulfill my promise." I said, remembering as I frowned. "It's ok." He said sympathetically. I only looked into his eyes for what seemed like forever and shook my head. To me it didn't feel right, we made a promise. I should of been the one to kill him. I rested my one good hand on top of Namjoon's,telling him that I appreciated the support. "You guys should probably find Yoongi." I said. Namjoon nodded back and looked at Jungkook. "Get the other guys and find Yoongi." He said. Jungkook looked at us and curtly nodded. "What are you going to do?" Jungkook asked. "I'm going to get Ara back to the surface." Namjoon responded. I looked at Namjoon surprised. No. I didn't want to leave just yet. I wanted to stay with my friend. Namjoon took off his halo and threw it to Jungkook who easily caught it. "Take this to fix Yoong's mind." Jungkook looked at the halo in his hand curiously and back at Namjoon. "This will cure him?" He asked suspiciously. Namjoon nodded. "It cures everything in the brain." I suddenly froze. Something dawning on me. It cures everything in the brain? I looked back at Jimin and saw the last remaining color of his eyes draining away and I instantly made my decision. Maybe the halo could cure him. I ran to where Jimin was and violently tore the stake out of his heart. "Ara, what are you doing!" Namjoon yelled, trying to pull me away. I dodged his hand and took off my halo, only to place it on Jimin's head. Namjoon tried to grab me again and this time I let him. He helped me up and ran me a few feet away from Jimin's body. I kept my eyes on Jimin the whole time though, and watched as the red in his eyes immediately came shooting back, shining brighter then I've seen them. The halo lit up then and I heard and saw Jimin suddenly scream, his back arching and fists clenched together to tight that they were turning white. "What do you think you were thinking?" Namjoon scolded, his eyes glaring down on me. "I thought the halo would cure him." I mumbled, but the more I watched him scream in pain the more I started to doubt myself. This wasn't supposed to happen. I thought it would be less painful, like it was for me. But no, he looked like he was dying all over again. Jimin screamed again and I winced, looking away for a second. "The single halo can't cure the greed inside of him. It's too big." Namjoon said, not tearing his eyes away. "What do you mean it's killing him! That's not what I wanted." I yelled. "We have to think of something." Namjoon suddenly looked at me and back at Jimin quickly thinking of something. "What if we switched out the halo when it's burned out? That way it will slowly get rid of the greed." I nodded automatically, freeing myself from Namjoon's hold and ran over to Jungkook. "Go grab Jimin, were taking him with us." I said. Jungkook tore his eyes away from Jimim for the first time and looked at me curiously. "You can save him?" He asked, obviously not paying attention to our previous conversation as I saw him raise an eyebrow. I nodded. "We have a plan." Jungkook nodded back, not asking what it was and walked over to Jimin body and lifted him up in his arms, snapping out his wings once he did. "I'll follow you then." Namjoon ran over to me and lifted me up, extending his white wings too. "Follow me. I'll tell the guys to hunt down Yoongi and then return to our house." He said, looking over his shoulder. I heard Jimin suddenly groan and looked past Namjoon's shoulder and saw that he was suddenly sweating, breathing heavily. "How long will it take to get all the evil out of him?" I asked. I felt Namjoon shrug and start to walk. "I don't know." -Three weeks later- Jimin's POV The pain in my head and body finally was dulling and I slowly was starting to regain consciousness. The light in the room blinded my eyes as I slowly opened them and I hesitantly moved my arms. I felt the crinkle of sheets and it stunned me. What was I doing in a bed? The last thing I remember was laying on the ground as I heard Ara cry. "You're awake?" I heard a familiar voice ask, interrupting my thoughts. I looked to my right and saw Namjoon sitting in a chair, leaning forward. I immediately started to freak out, realizing why I was here. "What are you doing here?" I asked, trying to sit up. Namjoon watched me wince in pain as I moved and leaned back into the chair. "I'm watching over you, making sure you don't up and take Ara again." He said. I suddenly looked around the small room I was in, realizing that I was at the guy's house. "Where's Ara?" I asked immediately. Namjoon glared at me. "She's sleeping. Don't wake her up. She hasn't had a proper night sleep since she saved you three weeks ago. She's been practically living in this room everyday waiting for you to wake up." Wait, Ara's been staying at my side all this time? I thought she would hate me after all I've done. I looked down at my hands underneath the sheets and frowned. "I thought she wouldn't want to be around me anymore." I whispered. "Well, you were already almost died, but if she saved you obviously she still wants to be around you." Namjoon laughed jokingly. I smiled half heartedly and looked up. "Where's Yoongi and Jungkook?" I asked, changing the subject. Namjoon pressed his lips together in a line. "They're sleeping in the living room." I nodded and took the halo off my head and places it on the bed and walked out of the door. I found the two of them sleeping as Jin, Hoseok, and Taehyung sat on the table. They looked at me a little surprised as I walked in, but stayed where they were, nodding a hello to me. I slowly made my way to the couch where they were and patted them on the shoulders. They slowly woke up and looked at me groggily. "You're awake?" Jungkook asked still half asleep. I smiled and nodded. Jungkook instantly smiled back and shot up, finding a new bag of energy and gave me a hug. Yoongi slowly sat up too and rubbed his eyes. "It's you." He mumbled, still tired like Jungkook. I broke Jungkook's hug and smiled down at him, but then frowned, remember what I did to him. "I'm sorry I made you into a killer." I said embarrassed, rubbing the back of my neck. Yoongi sighed and just waved it off. "I would kill you, but I don't feel like it." He joked. I smiled and looked at the hallway as Namjoon walked in. Ara's POV The sound of all the voice talking woke me up and I lazily opened my eyes, ruffling the sheets as I moved my hands to rub my eyes. "Hmmm." I mumbled lazily, then a second later shot up. There would be only reason why they would be all talking. "Jimin!" I tore of the sheets and ran into the living room finding Jimin sitting down, smiling as he talked Jungkook and Yoongi. "Jimin...." I panted, getting his attention. He looked at me at the door and sprung up. "Ara...."he whispered. We both started to walk to each other and embraced in a hug half way.. "I'm sorry." He mumbled into my ear, wrapping his arms around me. "I didn't mean anything I did." I smiled and dug my head into the crook of his neck. "I know. It's over now, so let's not talk about it anymore. Ok?" I said. Jimin smiled and I felt him nod. We broke the hug after a few more seconds and I looked passed Jimin's shoulder at Jungkook and Yoongi smiling at us. "So, Yoongi you're ok too now?" I asked, drawing attention away from me. Yoongi nodded. "You already asked me this. Ya, I am. I have no desire to kill anyone." I smiled and went to sit down on the couch. Jimin did the same and sat down next to me. I heard everyone get up and start walking towards the couch and I felt Namjoon sit on the other side of me and casually taking my hand. I looked at him surprised. "Stop being so protective. It's ok." I smiled. Jimin looked at us confused. "You guys are together." He asked, looking at our I intertwined hands. I nodded hesitantly, embarrassed. -two weeks ago- I had sat this chair for eight hours today already, waiting for Jimin to wake up. His forehand was drenched in sweat and I took the nearby wash cloth and dabbed his forehand. I heard the door open suddenly and looked at who had walked in. "You've been in here all day, you should take a break." Namjoon said, coming to stand next to me and crouched down. I felt my heart to race at how close he was, remember that we still haven't mention us dating before all of this. I wasn't going to lie. I was avoiding it, scared if he still wanted to be together. "I don't want to leave him and miss him waking up." I stuttered, putting down the wash cloth. I saw Namjoon smile from the corner of my eyes and watched as he lightly grabbed my hand. "He won't wake up for another week, don't worry." I looked at Jimin nervously. "Are you sure?" I asked. Namjoon nodded and helped my get up. "I'll have one of the guys watch over him. I want to take you somewhere." I looked at Namjoon surprised and saw the dimples on his checks as he smiled down at me. "Where are we going?" I asked as we walked out of the room. Namjoon chuckled. "You'll remember once we're there." Namjoon didn't let go of my hands as he told Hoseok to look after Jimin and we soon walked out of the door. I looked at the other guys behind me as I walked out and saw them give me a thumbs up, smiling like idiots. "It's not to far from here." Namjoon said as we walked down the street. The cold air brushing my face as we walked and since it was almost five in the afternoon, the streets weren't that busy. "Where are we going?" I asked again, getting a little anxious. "Do you know where I told you that I like you for the the first time?" Namjoon suddenly asked. I looked at him confused and racked my brain quickly. "It was in the front of the school right?" I said, remembering it clearly now. Namjoon nodded. "It's also where I want to tell you something else." - I saw Jimin force a smile and laid back into the couch. "I'm happy for you then." He sighed. "I'm still your best friend though, right?" He laughed, looking at me from the corner of his eye. I gave Jimin a smile and side bumped my shoulder with him. "Don't worry, no one could take that away from you."

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